Girl Scout cookie season upon us and it's about time to buy yourself a box. Coincidentally, these glorious weeks tend to be around some of the toughest times of the academic calendar—midterms. So, rather than having to add additional stress to your already stressed-out life by forcing you to pick which cookie to buy, we've gone ahead and figured it out for you, based on your major: 

1. Nursing: Thanks-A-Lot

These cookies feature the words for "Thank You" in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili. No one deserves our gratitude more than nurses. Nursing school is no joke, and without them, we'd all be left to care for ourselves, which I'm not prepared to do. Nursing students are hardworking and sweet, like this fudge-covered shortbread cookie. 

2. Business: Samoas

2016-03-04 04.06.59 1

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Samoas are layered with a variety of ingredients, just as business majors are skilled in a variety of different subjects, such as finance, marketing, and accounting. 

3. Education: Tagalongs

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Tagalongs, like your teachers, are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Teachers can do it all, and Tagalongs are similarly cookies that have shortbread, chocolate, and peanut butter

4. English: Do-Si-Dos

20071007 pb cookie

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Although Do-Si-Dos might seem plain and basic, they are unbelievably clever cookies. The name even screams creative, like those English majors.

5. History: Trefoils 

Shortbread Cookies/Trefoils

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Shortbread cookies are a Girl Scout classic. Simple and to the point, these cookies have probably been around forever, just like History. 

6. Engineering: S'Mores 

The perfect ratio of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow perfectly stacked together is honestly an engineering marvel. S'Mores are an art, and Girl Scouts has it all figured out. 

7. Visual Arts: Savannah Smiles 

Zesty and fun, these cookies are the comeback king. These lemon-flavored cookies are totally unique and there is no replacement. 

8. Pre-Med: Thin Mints 

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Weichen Yan

Pre-Med students are always studious and attentive, and they need some mint to keep them focused. Not that any of you pre-med students have tons of extra time on your hands, but if you do, this three-ingredient DIY version of the classic cookies may even be better than the real thing. 

9. Political Science: Lemonades

Lemonades are made of a shortbread cookie smothered in tangy, lemony icing. Like political science majors, most of the time they're sweet—but be warned, they may turn sour on you if you say the wrong thing. 

No matter what your major is, everyone can enjoy a box of girl scout cookies. They'll help you keep your sugar levels up no matter what you're studying. Peace out, girl scout.