It’s no secret that Kit Kat bars are popular. After all, approximately 192 billion bars are sold every year in the United States alone, according to the Symphony IRI Group, and you can also buy them in more than 100  countries. But, did you know that there are over 300 different Kit Kat flavors, ranging from milk chocolate to rum raisin?

Kit Kats are insanely popular in Japan. In fact, there have been over 300 seasonal and limited edition flavors in Japan alone. As with other markets, some flavors are curated to specific regions of Japan and their specialties. For example, one flavor is meant to mimic a strong, spicy pepper called yahataya isogoro, from Shinshu where the pepper is grown. Others are less region-specific, and range from soy sauce and crème brulee to ginger ale and purple sweet potato. The below are just the beginning of the many flavors you can find around the world.

Fun Kit Kat flavors around the globe:

1. Custard Pudding

2. Strawberry Cheesecake

3. Wasabi

4. Fruity Cereal

5. Green Tea

6. Mango

7. Tiramisu

8. Edamame Milkshake

9. Maple

10. Rose & Berry

11. Pistachio

12. Graham Cracker

13. Sakura Japanese Sake

14. Chocolate Orange

15. Vanilla Ice Cream

Collage by Sumi Dey. Photos courtesy of Kit Kat.

How to get international Kit Kat flavors:

If you’re looking to try some of these unique Kit Kat flavors, you can find them in a few different locations, including Amazon and Etsy. You may also have luck scoring Japanese Kit Kats at your local Asian goods store like H Mart.

The U.S. might not have quite as many Kit Kat flavors readily available, but you can typically find classic milk chocolate, white chocolate, birthday cake, and pumpkin pie. Most of the flavors in the U.S. rotate based on the holidays, so keep an eye out. Here are some flavors that you can currently try in the U.S.:

Classic: A crispy wafer coated in milk chocolate — you can’t go wrong with the classic Kit Kat.

Dark Chocolate: Rich dark chocolate covers the classic wafer.

White Chocolate: An even sweeter take on the Kit Kat — covered in white chocolate.

Mocha + Chocolate: This flavor contains mocha creme, coffee bits, and chocolate, all covering a crispy wafer.

Mint + Dark Chocolate: Boasting a bright green color, this Kit Kat is a combination of mint creme and dark chocolate.

Strawberry + Dark Chocolate: Just in time for Valentine’s Day — red strawberry creme paired with tasty dark chocolate.

Lemon Crisp: This tangy flavor is made with lemon flavored white creme.

Pumpkin Pie: The perfect candy for Thanksgiving time! Pumpkin-pie-flavored creme may just be your new favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

Apple Pie: This bar has apple pie-flavored creme, and is covered in white chocolate.

Witch’s Brew: The Witch’s Brew flavor is green, and coated in marshmallow-flavored creme.

Fruity Cereal: Covered with a fruity creme, this light pink bar is sweet!

Key Lime Pie: This bitter but sweet dessert takes the form of a light green Kit Kat with key lime pie-flavored creme.

Gingerbread Cookie: Available during the Christmas season, this bar is coated with gingerbread-flavored creme.