M&M's: the candy we all know and love. From peanut M&M's to the classic milk chocolate, there are M&M's flavors for you out there. For me, M&M's have a nostalgic tie to my childhood. I can remember sitting around the table with my family, grandparents and cousins included, playing card games and eating one after another.

So here's 12 of the most popular M&M's flavours ranked. Keep reading to see how I believe they compare to each other and which ones are the most popular. 

12. Coffee Nut M&M's

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Alex Frank

Did the people who made these M&M’s ever try them? They taste like stale coffee left out in the pouring rain for several days then thrown together with hard chunks called “nuts.” Brilliant idea. I'm not a fan. According to my taste buds, these came in last for the ranked M&M's flavours.

11. Coconut M&M's

Rachel Hicks

Coconut is not on my list of go-to foods, so I'm probably just biased. But these are too sweet for me. Milk chocolate is already sugary, but add the tropical touch and the treat is no longer tasty.  

10. Caramel M&M's

Rachel Hicks

I prefer my M&M’s to be crunchy and not get stuck in my teeth. If you do, and you also enjoy the caramel/chocolate combo, you should try these. For me, they were too chewy, but it's mostly a textural thing. Nothing personal. 

9. Crispy M&M's

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Alex Frank

Crispy has never been my favorite form of chocolate. I don’t even know why “crispy” is considered a flavor when it’s really a texture. Regardless, the crispy M&M’s are alright, but I could take them or leave them.

8. Almond M&M's

chocolate, candy, cake, cream, sweet
Alex Frank

Chocolate and almonds are just meant to be together. Have you ever eaten something and just felt in your heart that this is right? That’s how I feel whenever I eat chocolate and almonds.

7. Mint Dark M&M's

candy, sweet, chocolate
Alex Frank

Mint and chocolate are a dynamic duo and what’s even better is that it is dark chocolate. I LOVE dark chocolate, but I like to eat milk chocolate if it is mixed with other things (like peanut butter). However, mint dark chocolate M&M’s are the bomb so you should give them a try, especially with the holidays coming up. 

6. Mini M&M's

Rachel Hicks

Okay we all know that mini M&M’s are literally the same thing as the regular M&M’s, but they are so much more fun because they are fun-sized! Also who doesn’t love to slurp a ton of mini M&M’s out of the blue or green tubes (you know what i’m talking about)?

5. Pretzel M&M's

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Alex Frank

One of the greatest snack inventions of our time is the chocolate-covered pretzel. And what did M&M's do? It made M&M’s out of it of course. A great move. If you don't like these M&M's, maybe you should get your taste buds checked out? 

4. Dark Chocolate M&M's

Rachel Hicks

Dark. Chocolate. Enough said. If you don’t like dark chocolate then bye, because dark chocolate M&M’s are my life. 

3. Peanut M&M's

candy, chocolate, sweet, cake, goody, cream
Alex Frank

I once ate an entire large bag of peanut M&M’s while watching a play in London because why not? They are the perfect blend of chocolate, shell and nut. They are great to munch on or melt in your mouth for the slow release of flavor.

2. Peanut Butter M&M's

candy, chocolate, cake, sweet, goody
Alex Frank

Peanut butter is probably my favorite food ever so that’s why peanut butter M&M’s get such a high ranking. Even if peanut butter isn’t your favorite food, have you tried these M&M’s? When you bite into one, it is literally an explosion of goodness in your mouth. If you want the key to my heart, buy me peanut butter M&M’s.

1. Milk Chocolate M&M's

candy, chocolate, sweet, m&m
Alex Frank

The O.G. original M&M’s get first place. Yeah, there are some pretty stellar flavors that M&M's has come out with, but nothing can beat the comforting and creamy flavor of the classic milk chocolate M&M’s. Who doesn’t love the classic stuff? 

If you are wondering which M&M's flavor you are, check out this article to find out.