Sushi is one of those foods that I've always treated myself to when I was eating out. For the longest time, I was too intimidated to even think about making sushi recipes at home. 

As someone who finally bit the bullet and actually tried making homemade sushi, I will admit that getting the rolling technique down takes some practice. But, making traditional rolls isn't the only way to have homemade sushi. 

Here are a variety of traditional, and wacky, sushi recipes that you can make at home and enjoy from the comfort of your couch. Wave goodbye to outrageous delivery fees

Dragon Roll

sushi, rice, fish, seafood, salmon, wasabi
Cassandra Bauer

Stuffed with cucumber and shrimp tempura, this roll is just like what you would get in a sushi restaurant. But when you make it at home, you can control exactly how much of each ingredient it has, which can make it a little healthier

Sushi Donuts

fish, seafood, salmon, sushi, vegetable, rice
Leah Valenti

Sushi donuts have become one of the trendiest foods on Instagram, but I bet you didn't realize how easy they are to make at home. This recipe uses a donut pan to shape them, but you can always use your hands or shape it around the outside of a jar. 

Quinoa Sushi Rolls

coconut, chocolate, cream
Emily Li

Instead of the usual sushi rice, this recipe uses quinoa. That means fewer carbs and more protein. Personally, I like quinoa sushi better because of the extra texture it adds. 

Another benefit of trying this recipe is that you probably already have everything you need for it in your house. It's stuffed with eggs, ham, avocado, and cucumber so even those opposed to raw fish with enjoy it. 


vegetable, fish, meat, seafood
Judy Chen

If you want all the flavors of sushi with none of the hassle of shaping a roll, this is the recipe for you. The ratios of ingredients are about the same as a regular sushi roll, but the three step assembly of onigiri is much simpler. 

California Roll

sushi, avocado, tuna, rice, salmon, wasabi, cucumber, eel, seafood, crab, fish, nori
Brittany Cutler

My favorite roll to order when I go out is the spicy California roll. When going out to eat is too big of a hassle, I just use this recipe to make my own at home. It's a great roll to try when you're still a sushi beginner because you don't have to deal with any raw fish

DIY Sushi Burrito

sushi, fish, seafood, salmon, rice, tuna, wasabi, avocado
Kathleen Lee

Getting in on the sushi burrito trend is even easier than rolling your own sushi. As this recipe shows, all of the flavors are the same, but the bigger end product makes rolling a much less delicate process. 

Rainbow Sushi Roll

sushi, rice, sweet, goody, candy, cream, chocolate
Kristi Cook

Science has proven that aesthetically pleasing food really does taste better. You can try a little experiment yourself with this recipe, because it's just about the prettiest sushi roll I've ever seen. As an added bonus, eating lots of different colored vegetables means a variety of nutrients. 

Canned Tuna Sushi

sushi, seafood, shrimp, rice
Hailey Tom

This is a great recipe for sushi-lovers who enjoy the fish but can't afford to buy the sushi-grade stuff. You'll get all of the tuna flavor that you love for a fraction of the price and no stress over whether you're handling the raw fish correctly. 

Onigirazu Two Ways

rice, sushi, vegetable, seafood, fish
Nina Wang

Long before the sushi burrito was invented, people were making onigirazu. It's basically a sushi sandwich, with seaweed holding together two layers of rice that sandwich whatever toppings you desire. Here is a recipe with two flavor combination suggestions. 

Mason Jar Sushi

dairy product, vegetable
Hui Lin

This is a recipe for a California Roll in a mason jar, but any of your favorite rolls can be transformed into portable, forkable sushi using the same method. All the flavors and ingredients are the same as regular sushi, but with none of the rolling hassle.

This is a great portable lunch option so you can still get your sushi fix without leaving work to go out to an expensive meal. 

Vegan Sushi Bowl

vegetable, broccoli, rice, pepper, carrot
Katherine Baker

Now we're starting to crack the surface of recipes with less traditional sushi flavors. This recipe is a great option for strict vegans, or just people looking to cut back on meat intake. It's still packed with protein and healthy carbs and fats, so you'll be plenty satisfied. 

Cheeseburger Sushi

Emma Lally

Yep, you read that correctly. If sushi hasn't already been Americanized enough, this recipe makes a sushi roll shape out of cheeseburger ingredients. I'm not complaining, though, because it is undoubtedly a more fun way to eat the grill classic. 

Chicken Caesar Sushi Burrito

sushi, rice, salmon, avocado, tuna, eel, nori, fish, wasabi, seafood
Robert Wehrli

Now this recipe is turning everyone's favorite salad and wrap flavor into a sushi burrito. The caesar dressing goes surprisingly well with the salty, and slightly fishy flavor of the seaweed. I guess I could see that coming, because caesar dressing is often made with anchovies

Waffle Breakfast Sushi

pastry, sweet, cream, cake, pie, jam
Cassandra Bauer

Yes, I am wrapping up this sushi recipe roundup with foods for the beginning of your day. This recipe uses waffles to wrap up fresh fruit. Cream cheese helps it to keep its shape and adds extra richness and a little tang to contrast the sweet fruit and syrup.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sushi

bacon, cheese
Kristi Cook

If you're looking for a more savory way to enjoy sushi for breakfast, try this recipe. It's a hybrid between the classic BEC flavor combination and the shape of traditional sushi. Although none of the usual Japanese flavors are there, you can still eat this breakfast sushi with chopsticks

Hopefully, the idea of making your own sushi at home seems a little less daunting with these recipes in your tool belt.

Whether you're looking for regular sushi rolls, sushi flavors in other shapes, or other flavors in the shape of sushi, there's a way you can make it in the comfort of your own home.