Have you ever felt like this while trying to decide what to order in from home?

Overwhelmed, confused, and utterly terrified: there are just so many options.

If so, I'm right there with you. I often find it hard to decide on what to eat, but what I've realized is that it shouldn't be as hard to pick where to eat from. This comprehensive guide will hopefully help you make the right decision as to which popular app you should use to place your next order. So, where should you order from next?

Rating Guide:

1/5: bad customer service, long waits, little to no options.

2/5: poor customer service, long waits, high delivery fees.

3/5: sufficient customer service, inconsistent waits, but variety of locations of delivery. 

4/5: good customer service, consistent delivery times, variety of options and places of delivery.

5/5: outstanding customer service, an abundant amount of options, and delivery in all corporate and suburban areas.


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Pros: Amazing customer service. If there is ever a problem with your order, they will handle it. Grubhub also happens to be one of the few delivery services that does not deliver exclusively in corporate areas. Their delivery fees range from free over a certain amount to $4.

Cons: Nearly every restaurant affiliated with Grubhub uses their own staff to deliver, so Grubhub has almost no control over the delivery time and quality of your order (but they do have amazing customer service, so they will probably try to fix any problems).

Rating: 4.5/5


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Pros: The options are limitless: you can order anything from your favorite burger to candy to office supplies. 

Cons: Customer service is known to be pretty unreliable, ranging from complaints of not being able to contact the driver and even unnecessary over charging. Postmates does not have an extensive delivery range, only delivering in corporate areas. Their delivery fees range from $5-15, which doesn't include the service charge of 9% and a tip for your driver. 

Rating: 2.5/5


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Pros: Lots of options wherever you go, which means delivery in corporate and suburban areas. Eat24 is also associated with Yelp, so each restaurant will display ratings when you are placing your order.

Cons: Known for inaccurate delivery time approximations, so be careful with getting your hopes up with the 10-15 minutes wait time listed.

Rating: 3.5/5


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Pros: Known for very fast delivery service since everything is picked up and delivered by car. Unlike Postmates, you can track your delivery in real time through the Uber app. Great for people who already use and love the Uber app.

Cons: Drivers will not deliver food to your door; instead, you will have to meet them outside.

Rating: 3.5/5

So, which one is the best?

All of these delivery services are great in their own ways. If you're looking for a variety of restaurants in your area, you can try Eat24. If you're looking for desserts and office supplies delivered to your door, you can try Postmates, and if you're looking for a secure order, you can try out UberEATS.

But, if you're looking for superb customer service, delivery wherever you go, and are feeling a little impatient, Grubhub will probably be the best option for you.