As you’ve scrolled through your news feed on social media recently you have probably seen a wild creation of rice, fish, and other choice toppings perfectly placed and filtered.

And even if you stopped for a second and looked confused at what you were seeing, I’m here to confirm it is pizza sushi and sushi burgers taking over your feed.

People are literally eating up these mainly Americanized versions of sushi to feature them on their own feed and claim that it is in fact as delicious as it looks. Check out these six ways sushi has been reimagined below.

1. Sushi Pizza Pie


Photo courtesy of @lovefoodfm on Instagram

Sushi Pizza was first claimed to be created in 1992 by a Japanese Sushi Chef in Montreal, Quebec and is now popping up all over due to a rise in demand and popularity. However if you’re feeling the more the merrier you can add more layers to make a full on sushi pie. If you would like to make your own sushi pie check out the recipe here, and to make a pizza just make one layer.

2. Sushi Burger


Photo courtesy of @sobeautifullyraw on Instagram

A trending food item that is moving with such momentum across the food scene it may just be the next casual fast food.These new sushi-burger hybrids from the raw vegan food blogger “So Beautifully Raw” have many people anxious to try the food item, and with quite a demand it should only be a matter of time before they will be available in many areas for those to enjoy.

3. Poke Bowls


Photo courtesy of @natadela on Instagram

A Hawaiian Dish that locals have enjoyed for many years that is now making its way across the rest of the U.S. The word “poke” is Hawaiian for “to cut crosswise into pieces” referring to how the fish is traditionally cut and prepared for the dish. Topped with many personal variations of herbs, spices, fruit, sprouts, and such, this dish has become a widely enjoyed variation of eating sushi.

4. Temaki (Sushi Cones)


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Temaki is “hand roll” sushi. Commonly made in a party setting with a tray of ingredients for guests to choose from to roll into their sushi. Now many restaurants are serving sushi in a cone for you to enjoy as if you were eating an ice cream cone. Of course one of the most notable restaurants to try Temaki is NYC’s Uma Temakeria, one of the main contributors to this recent trend.

5. Sushi Burrito


Photo courtesy of @unlokt on Instagram

At this point it is one of the better-known reimagined ways of eating sushi. With many restaurants dedicated to solely serving sushi burritos such as Sushirrito and Munchiez Rollz, this is a delicious way to eat sushi that is currently widely available for all those who want to give it a try.

6. Onigirazu (Sushi Sandwich)


Photo courtesy of @yukico_twingram

While the Onigiri rice ball is a traditional Japanese way of eating sushi and is often found in bento boxes, Onigirazu is a Japanese rice sandwich first featured and named by Tochi Ueyama in his manga series “Cooking Papa” in 1991.

Onigirazu loosely translates to “nongripping” as opposed to onigiris translation to “gripping”. Onigirazu was The Japan Times food Item of 2015 due to the increasing popularity since its introduction 20 years ago and the creative and innovative nature of the rice dish. The dish is made by spreading rice on a sheet of seaweed, filling with sushi and desired toppings, folding into a square and wrapping contents before cutting.