Artisanal sushi-crafters never cease to amaze us. From the classic California roll to the sushi burrito, people have been in love with this Japanese dish for decades. Now, there’s a new twist on this Asian dish. Get ready guys, because here comes the next sushi craze you will be dying to try: the sushi donut.

So, what does a sushi donut entail, you may ask? Well, it’s sushi rice molded into a donut-shape, and is incorporated with other ingredients like black sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo, and avocado (it’s vegan, guys).

This take on our well-known straight sushi rolls was broadcasted to the world by Instagram foodie @sobeautifullyraw. Her sushi donuts look so appetizing that I’m fighting my urge to attack my screen. Just look at them.

sushi donut

Photo courtesy of @sobeautifullyraw on Instagram

So yummy looking, I can’t handle it. Japanese restaurants better step their games up, asap. People are definitely getting hyped about these bad boys, and they’re starting to get recognized by major food outlets like Whole Foods. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on these soon.

sushi donut

Photo courtesy @wholefoods on Instagram

If you want to try and make this on your own, just try a basic sushi recipe and try to shape it into a donut shape (yes guys, it’s a pretty simple concept).

What are you waiting for? Stop looking at your screen and get yo’ sushi on. Just don’t confuse this with donut sushi guys, that’s a whole different game.