You've heard all about the super cool mash-ups, but just can't get passed the seafood aspect of sushi. Well, do I have a solution for you; these 21 recipes do sushi without raw fish in unique, innovative ways. Plus, a good number of them are vegan! No more boring avocado roll.

Bacon and Egg Sushi

bacon, cheese
Kristi Cook

As you roll out of bed in the morning, why not roll up your breakfast as well. This Bacon and Egg Sushi will motivate you to actually wake up early enough to make breakfast.

Waffle Breakfast Sushi

pastry, sweet, cream, cake, pie, jam
Cassandra Bauer

Carbs more your morning craving? Put an end those IHOP day-dreams with Waffle Breakfast Sushi. Waaaay cuter than your average waffle, too.

Carrot Lox and Avocado Sushi (V)

Ditch the plain lox bagel in favor of this interesting take on sushi without raw fish. With all the spices and flavors, your taste buds will appreciate the switch. 

Avocado, Mango, and Kimchi Sushi (V)

Tangy Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, pairs beautifully with the mellow fruitiness of Mango, making this sushi dish the perfect thing to pick you up in the morning. Buy store-bought kimchi or make your own!

Chicken Caesar Sushi Burrito

sushi, rice, fish, seafood, burrito
Jane Yeo

Amp up your caesar salad game with this recipe for Chicken Caesar Burritos. Combining American, Hispanic, and Asian cuisine, you'll become a cultural culinarian in no time.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi

Bread is actually effortless to roll, making this Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi a breeze. End the square vs. rectangle slices debate with pb&j rolls. You'll be the cool-kid at the lunch table.

Unicorn Donut Sushi (V)

Combining the internet's two favorite food trends—rainbow cuisine and sushi donuts—this Unicorn Donut Sushi recipe will let you taste all colors of the uni-verse. Get it? Yeah, okay, moving on.

Spicy Scallop Roll (V)

While the Spicy Scallop Roll is not super popular at most sushi bar, hiding behind the looming Cali and Philly Rolls, it gets a glamorous makeover here with king oyster 'shrooms.

Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Roll (V)

Sticking with only the best kind of 'shrooms (hugs not drugs, kids), we have a Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Roll. The dried variety of these mushrooms works best because of their super chewy texture. 

Spicy Tomato Sushi (V)

Yep, you heard it here--when making sushi without raw fish, tomato works oddly well as a substitute if you marinate it in the right sauces. Check this recipe to see the magic for yourself.

Onigirazu AKA Sushi Sandwich (V)

A westernized, sandwich version of Japanese sushi, this onigirazu can be made with either tofu or sweet potatoes. Super portable and filling, this will become your go-to lunch, guaranteed.

Teriyaki Jackfruit Sushi Bowl (V)

Deconstructed sushi just looks cooler—it's a fact. And with Jackfruit, an insanely nutritious meat-replacement, you'll be so zen by the time you get to the bottom of this bowl.

Teriyaki Tofu Summer Roll (V)

Light and wholesome, this Teriyaki Tofu Summer Roll is perfect for your next beach trip. And without needing to turn on your oven, you'll be keeping cool in the heat too.

Cucumber Rolls (V)

Speaking of keeping it cool-as-a-cucumber, this recipe utilizes just that in a super intimate way. By stuffing everything inside a hollowed-out cucumber, you won't even need to roll this sushi. Stay lazy, my friends. 

Eggplant Dragon Roll (V)

Another notorious meat-replacement, eggplant gets a feature in this vegan take on the Dragon Roll. Sweet and umami-rich, you won't even miss the original version.

Cauliflower Rice + Quinoa Sushi (V)

Lighter than traditional sushi, this Cauliflower and Quinoa Roll uses veggies and wholesome grains instead of white rice. Omit the quinoa and use only cauliflower rice to make it grain-free, too.

Spicy Sunflower Sushi (V)

This recipe might raise a few eyebrows, but trust me, it's worth a try. Spicy Sunflower Sushi, made with ground sunflower seeds and cashews in place of tuna, is the perfect sushi without raw fish dish. Be bold and believe.

Cheeseburger Sushi

Emma Lally

This Cheeseburger Sushi would make a killer appetizer at your next BBQ. It doesn't get more American than this, folks. Well, maybe if it were wrapped in bacon. Everything is better wrapped in bacon.

Nutella Banana Dessert Sushi

cake, chocolate, sweet, cream, pastry
Madeline Leadem

Utilizing French crepes instead of nori, this Nutella Banana Dessert Sushi features the rich decadence of everyone's favorite chocolate-nut spread and makes the perfect late-night snack.

Pistachio Chocolate Banana Sushi (V)

Another chocolate-banana indulgence, this rolled gets an added twist with pistachios. And with only three ingredients, you'll feel hella fancy without any of the added effort. Cheers to that, loves.

Candy Sushi

candy, sweet, goody, chocolate, sweetmeat, gelatin, cream
Ruby Siegel

Infinitely cheaper than actual sushi, this Candy Sushi recipe uses Swedish Fish to make an adorable, game-changing snack. It's basically every kids' dream, so channel your inner child and get rolling. 

Whether you're vegan, looking to save some cash, or just not into seafood, there are plenty of ways to make sushi without raw fish. And if you're feeling up to the real stuff, don't worry; we got you covered there, too.