One of the hardest decisions in life is choosing which ice cream flavor to get. Though I am a major proponent of getting multiple scoops, when you're at the grocery store, somedays you only have room for one pint in your freezer, so you gotta narrow down the selection and choose your favorite flavor. This choice might be tough, however, I've got something to make it all worthwhile. Based on your favorite Halo Top flavor, here's where you'll meet your soulmate. 

Vanilla Bean: College

Vanilla is a classic, beloved flavor, and the love story you'll be telling your kids will be just that: old-school and sweet. Sometime during your undergraduate career, you'll lock eyes with your S.O., whether it be in the quad or at a party, and you know the rest from there. No matter how many times you recount those first few moments, it never gets old, much like vanilla Halo Top.

Chocolate: Work

If chocolate is your favorite ice cream flavor, you crave stability, and you'll find your soulmate at the most stable, routinized thing in life: work. You clock in, you clock out, and you find a dependable partner in the process. 

Lemon Cake: The Mall

I always associate the mall with lemonade, probably because I spent too much of my childhood getting pretzels and lemonade at Auntie Anne's. If lemon cake is your favorite Halo Top flavor, then you must spend a lot of time at the mall food court sipping that artificially sweet lemonade, so the probability of meeting your S.O. there is very high.

Strawberry: The Park

Strawberry Halo Top has a juicy and vibrant flavor, so inevitably you'll meet your soulmate in a bright place, too. A picnic at the park on a warm spring day is the perfect backdrop for a picturesque first encounter. Pack some strawberries for some extra luck.

Mint Chip: Tinder

Mint Chip Halo Top has a subtle yet refreshing peppermint flavor, and combined with the dark chocolate chips, makes for a dessert that'll leave your breath smelling fresh and clean. Hopefully you remembered to pop a mint or a spoonful of Halo Top before going on your next Tinder date—your soulmate will be there, waiting for you.

Chocolate Mocha Chip: The Library at 2 am

It's midterm season. You've been stuck in the library for 12 hours, going 13, struggling to master orgo for your test the next day. Downing your seventh cup of joe, you look up and realize that you're all alone in the library, well, except for the cutie sitting in the corner, brow furrowed in their textbook. With a strong coffee flavor, Chocolate Mocha Chip Halo Top will have you reminiscing that caffeine-fueled first encounter every time you eat a spoonful.

Birthday Cake: Frat Party

The strong yellow cake and frosting might be a little juvenile, but once in a while, you're just in the mood to eat some birthday cake ice cream, much like you can be in the mood to go to a frat party. Sure, frat parties are a lot of times reserved for freshmen, but you always tend to meet some new people there (like your soulmate). I mean, what's more romantic than a dank basement?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Grocery Shopping

If you're like me, then whenever you go grocery shopping you end up getting a bunch of stuff that you didn't plan on buying, including store-bought cookie dough. This inexpensive indulgence is the best last-minute decision you can make, just like going to the cash register that just opened up or scooping up some bananas because they're on sale. It's here, in that compulsive moment, that you'll surely run into your soulmate.

Peanut Butter Cup: Wedding Reception

It might sound cliché, but bear with me. Attending a wedding alone, making eyes at another fellow single attendee, going home with them—it happens, and it works, just like peanut butter and chocolate. Some people may say that this combination is overrated, but I can assure you it's not; PB and chocolate is a dynamic duo, just like finding your S.O. at weddings.

Cookies & Cream: Your Childhood Crush

Cookies and cream is a sweet flavor that's associated very strongly with childhood, so it's no wonder that your favorite flavor reflects your childhood feelings. The guy or girl you played with on the playground and passed paper notes to is the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, probably eating Oreos and reminiscing on simpler times.

Sea Salt Caramel: The Beach

Halo Top's Sea Salt Caramel flavor is one of my personal favorites because the salt simultaneously cuts through the sweetness of the ice cream and enhances the caramel's deep flavor. The next time you go to the beach, bask in the beauty of the waves crashing against the shore, spraying salt and love in the air to lead you to your person.

S'mores: Road Trip

A road trip is not complete without some yummy snacks and a night under the stars. As you're cooking up some s'mores (with or without a campfire), inevitably you'll run into another adventure-seeker who you can drive across the country with whenever you two want.

Pistachio: The Gym

Though all of Halo Top's ice creams are low in calories, the pistachio flavor is a measly 240 calories per pint, making it one of the healthier options. If this flavor is your go-to, it's likely that you're health-conscious, so you spend a ton of time at the gym. Whether you're lifting weights or running on the treadmill, keep an earplug out of an ear so you can strike up a conversation with a fellow gym rat.

Oatmeal Cookie: Back Home Visiting Family

The only time that I'll willingly and enthusiastically eat oatmeal cookies is when they're freshly made by my grandma, and that's what Halo Top's take on this flavor tastes like. You feel like you're back home, surrounded by your loved ones, baking and having a wholesome time. No wonder you'll meet your soulmate when you visit your hometown; they remind you of the comfort of your family and accompanying traditions.

Chocolate Almond Crunch: While You're on a Date with Someone Else

I know, I know; this seems a little wonky, but hear me out. Just like the crunch of the almonds, running into the love of your life while you're on a date with another person is an unexpected surprise, but in the best way possible. Looks like you really have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

Black Cherry: Nightclub

Whenever I order a drink at a bar, I always get a cherry on top of my drink and they always make me happy. Since Halo Top's black cherry flavor is packed with cherry bites, you'll enjoy sipping your martini and nibbling on the cherry garnish the next time you're at a nightclub, catching the eye of someone across from you at the bar.

Red Velvet: At the Airport

The most heart-wrenching and dramatic scenes in "Friends" history is when Ross begs Rachel not to get on the plane, and that's because the airport's busy environment makes for a dramatic scene. Of course, when the two lovebirds finally reunite, nobody is left dry-eyed during the sappy moment. With brownie bits and a strong cocoa flavor, Halo Top's Red Velvet flavor is just as sweet as any airport rendezvous.

Cinnamon Roll: The Dentist

Halo Top's rendition on cinnamon rolls is dependent on a base that tastes like cream cheese frosting, which some can find overly sweet. Though there's nothing wrong with practicing moderation and living a balanced life, if you routinely down pints of these bad boys, you might run the risk of getting some cavities. Yes, the dentist sucks, but don't worry—while you're there, you'll meet your soulmate, who's probably also in the waiting room waiting to get their cavities filled, too.

Pancakes & Waffles: Hungover Brunch

My go-to cure for a nasty hangover is brunch, particularly pancakes and waffles. Filling, carb-heavy, and just damn delicious, these disks of pure heaven hit the spot every single time. Hydrate yourself and sit up a little taller the next time you're brunching it up, because you'll encounter another bruncher who will be your brunch-buddy for life.

Chocolate Covered Banana: Amusement Park

If this is your favorite Halo Top flavor, you're looking for a partner who will be fun to be around, and there's nothing more fun than an amusement park. Not only are chocolate covered bananas the perfect on-the-go snack, they're also super fun to ~split~ with your better half.

Mochi Green Tea: Study Abroad

You must have a refined palette, because mochi and green tea are unique, exotic flavors from Japan. You're someone that wants to explore the different tastes and cultures of the world, so study abroad is definitely on your college bucket list. While you're overseas, you'll run into another wanderlust-filled soul, and together you'll spend your lives traveling and exploring.

Rainbow Swirl: Spring Break

Halo Top's Rainbow Swirl flavor tastes exactly like one of those Push-Up Pops you get from an ice cream truck. The last time I've had one was when I was a child, but I associate the sherbet-like flavor with the springtime, playing outside with my friends. Spring break nowadays might look a little different for you, but hey, now it gives you the opportunity to run into a cutie that'll be your future partner in crime.

Candy Bar: The Movies

Packed with peanuts and swirls of caramel, Halo Top's candy bar flavor tastes exactly like a Snickers bar, aka everyone's go-to movie theater snack. The next time you're in line for the concessions stand, watch out for another candy bar connoisseur. You know you'll have chemistry because you share a love for all things chocolate and sweet.

Caramel Macchiato: Music Festival

This Halo Top flavor tastes like your Starbucks order, except in frozen dessert form. It's one of the most popular for that very reason; it's highly-caffeinated, distinctly caramel-y, and of course, hella photogenic. There's nothing more millennial than IG-ing your caramel macchiato, just like there's nothing more millennial than attending a music festival for the food first and music second. While you're jamming to your favorite indie band's set or having a mini photoshoot with your friends, you're bound to run into someone who shares your passions and priorities.

Dairy-Free: Hot Yoga

Dairy-free Halo Top is a more mindful option, since it's vegan and allergen-friendly. There's no other place you can practice mindfulness more than hot yoga, where you're made more conscious of your body and mental state. The purpose of the class might be to focus on yourself, but afterwards, you'll have a greater appreciation of your surroundings, including that person you always see in class.

Regardless of your favorite Halo Top flavor, just remember that, even if you haven't found your soulmate yet, you have ice cream, and really, that's all that matters. So go ahead and buy yourself a pint or two; you deserve it.