Pancakes have a very special place in my heart. From the snowflake shaped pancakes my dad would make me as a kid to insisting we brought pancake mix (and maple syrup of course) on backpacking trips — pancakes have forever been the star of my breakfast. So filled with a passion, I set out to uncover the greatest pancakes in every state. From buttermilk to bacon and brie, not one of these pancakes will disappoint. 

Alabama: Waysider Restaurant 

Unlike all the shaped pancakes I tried to make throughout my childhood, the Waysider Restaurant manages to successfully cook a delicious elephant shaped pancake. Don't worry, it's not even on the kid's menu so you can order it at any age. 

Alaska: Kava's Pancake House 

We all know chocolate and peanut butter is one of the world's greatest combinations. Thanks to Kava's Pancake House, you can now get it in a pancake. 

Arizona: Heart and Soul Cafe 

If you're in the mood for a less traditional pancake, this is the place for you. Thought you would miss out on the bacon if you ordered pancakes? Don't worry, order the blueberry bacon pancakes. If the granola was also calling your name, try the raspberry granola pancakes. 

Arkansas: The Pancake Shop

You can't miss the blueberry pancakes at this historic pancake house. Don't forget to slather the fresh pancakes in the restaurants delicious homemade butter (as if you really needed convincing to add more butter).

California: Du-Par's

While there may be pancake shops in California serving delicious pancakes with the newest trendy foods such as chia seeds, cold brew coffee and maybe even kale, the best pancakes are the classics from Du-par's. These award winning fluffy and fresh hotcakes are best consumed in large quantities and with melted butter and the cafe's boysenberry syrup. 

Colorado: Snooze Eatery 

While you can never go wrong with the pineapple upside-down cake or sweet potato pancakes, the real treat (and adventure) is the pancake flavor of the day (think chocolate, strawberries and cheesecake). If you're still understandably indecisive about which pancake to get, fear not, the pancake flight is just for you. Chose any three types of pancakes from the menu and try them all. 

Connecticut: Cristy's 

The only hard part about eating pancakes at Cristy's is choosing which of the 40 different types of pancakes to try. Reese's Pieces, blueberry oatmeal crunch and chocolate chip macadamia nut are just a few of the delicious options. If you still have room after the pancakes, try out the much-loved and delicious corn beef hash. 

Delaware: Kaisey's Delights 

Think pancakes with a frozen yogurt topping bar. Kaisey's serves, Kaiserschmarrn, an Austrian style pancake. The pancake comes chopped in a fro-yo like cup that you can then top with fruit, whipped cream, chocolate and even ice cream. 

Florida: Eating House 

Captain Crunch pancakes — no further explanation should be needed. Eating House truly revolutionized the pancake (and breakfast) game by adding an amazing crunch to the top of their fresh and fluffy pancakes. 

Georgia: Buttermilk Kitchen 

These classic pancakes are perfectly topped with Buttermilk Kitchen's homemade butter and Vermont maple syrup. While their pancakes are a must, don't forget to also try out the chicken biscuits. The restaurant was featured on Guy Fieri's "Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives" during the famous chef's quest for the best biscuit in Atlanta. 

Hawaii: Cinnamon's

Conflicted on how to have pancakes and not miss out on delicious island-fresh fruit? Cinnamon's has your answer with their guava chiffon pancakes, served fresh off the griddle with guava sauce and a fair share of whipped cream. 

Idaho: Smitty's Pancake & Steakhouse 

Your favorite comfort foods all in one location. While there are no steak pancakes (although why not order both and make your own), the German pancakes served with lemon and powdered sugar are sure to satisfy. If you're in the mood for a nice throwback, try out the sourdough pancakes made using a 100-year-old recipe. 

Illinois: Gail's Carriage Inn and Pancake House

The apple pancake is not just your typical pancake topped with apples. This pancake, which resembles an apple cake, takes 40 minutes to cook once you order. Once the pancake comes piping hot out of the oven, you will have absolutely no regrets. Starving while you wait for 40 minutes? Just order yourself some bacon or chocolate chip pancakes as an "appetizer." 

Indiana: Hotcakes Emporium 

Go for some classic breakfast pancakes (pecan, blueberry, buttermilk, etc.). Stay long enough to justify dessert pancakes. The cheesecake pancakes are pretty much your own personal cakes and come in flavors such as Oreo and Black Forest. 

Iowa: Leaf Kitchen 

While Iowa pancake houses have their fair share of the traditional, delicious and fluffy pancakes, the real winner is the more unique set of pancakes served at Leaf Kitchen. Their pancake options include pancakes topped with granola and ricotta pancakes with caramelized apples, berries, almonds and sour cream. 

Kansas: First Watch 

Healthy pancakes? Almost. Maybe. First Watch serves delicious multigrain pancakes that taste just as amazing as the classic buttermilk. Not that pancakes give us regrets regardless, but the multigrain lets us justify adding chocolate chips and drenching the pancake in seven more syrup. Not sure the multigrain is your thing? Just try the lemon ricotta instead. 

Kentucky: Bluebird 

A farm to table restaurant with delicious, classic pancakes? What more could you need. The simple buttermilk pancakes come with the perfect toppings of butter and whipped cream. If you're in the mood for a little something more, test out the crunch cakes (buttermilk granola pancakes with blueberries). This is a farm to table restaurant, so make sure not to skip the side of fruit, bacon, and eggs. 

Louisiana: The Ruby Slipper Cafe

The cafe where you can get incredible pancakes and still not miss out on the local fare. A perfect day at the Ruby Slipper Cafe would start with banana pecan or cinnamon swirl pancakes and with BBQ shrimp and grits or catfish Coubion. 

Maine: Helen's Restaurant

The secret to these delicious pancakes: butter (lots of it). The result is a beautifully crispy and fluffy pancake that will reawaken you (if needed) to the joys of butter. Enjoy. 

Maryland: Happy Jack Pancake House 

All the pancake options you could possibly want. I was personally thinking there was a lack of one of my favorite pancake toppings (peanut butter) on the list up to this point. Thankfully, Happy Jack is coming to save the day with their peanut butter lovers pancake (Reese's, peanut butter, whipped cream). Other options include s'mores, sweet potato, bacon and so much more. 

Massachusetts: In A Pickle Restaurant 

Don't worry, there are no pickles in these pancakes. However, if cookie dough desserts are your thing, this is the place for you. Why? Cookie dough pancakes. The cookie dough stays gooey and delicious inside your warm, amazing pancake. 

Michigan: The Laundry 

Cheese and carbs may be the two greatest comfort foods of all time. Thankfully, you can have both cheese and your favorite carb (pancakes) at the same time at The Laundry (oh, and bacon as well). The bacon and brie pancakes are a truly genius concoction, especially when topped with syrup and apple compote.  

Minnesota: Jensen's Cafe

Although traditional pancakes are available, if you head to Jensen's try out the Swedish pancakes. Think normal pancakes, but slightly thinner, a bit crispier and just (if not more) delicious — almost the child of a pancake and a crepe — all topped with the traditional Swedish topping of lingonberries of course. 

Mississippi: Big Bad Breakfast

There's really nothing bad about this restaurant in my opinion, except maybe how full you'll be after consuming your desired number of pancakes. At Big Bad Breakfast, you can create your own pancake topping combinations. The combination of blueberry, chocolate and whipped cream (with syrup of course) is a must. The daily pancake specials, such as the cinnamon roll pancakes with orange icing above, are others you can't miss. 

Missouri: Uncle Bill's Pancake & Dinner House 

As Missouri's first pancake house, Uncle Bill's has had time to learn how to do pancakes right. The best part of Bill's? Well the pancakes of course. But second: it's open 24/7, so you can get your pecan pancakes with your family in the morning and at 2 am when carbs are just what you need. 

Montana: Paul's Pancake Parlor 

Paul's Pancake Parlor proudly claims that "Paul has it all." Honestly, it's pretty true, especially when it comes to pancakes. Of course you can get the classic buttermilk and blueberry pancakes, but you can also treat yourself to potato pancakes, chocolate chip caramel, rolled pancakes with cream cheese filling (aka thick crepes) or sourdough pancakes that use a traditional sourdough bread starter. 

Nebraska: Tina's Cafe 

You can't get more classic diner than Tina's. The menu is decorated with black and white checkers, the dishes are named with race car lingo, and the bar is of course lined with red cushioned stools. With this, of course, comes classic stacks of buttermilk pancakes. Don't forget to order one of Tina's massive cinnamon rolls for your ride home. 

Nevada: CRAFT Kitchen 

Let's just say that when you're in Las Vegas, you're going to need some serious carbs to fuel your day. So, what could be better than pancakes made by a former executive pastry chef? Pretty much nothing. The red velvet pancakes are served daily, but the chef also concocts a daily pancake (like matcha pancakes and bananas foster pancakes) to fulfill your morning needs. 

New Hampshire: Polly's Pancake Parlor

The Polly's Pancake experience doesn't have to end when you exit the restaurant. Why? Polly's publishes the recipes for some of their restaurant favorites, such as eggnog pancakes. You can also purchase their own maple syrup, pancakes mixes and marmalade to make your own perfect Polly's Pancakes in the comfort of your home.

New Jersey: Uncle Bill's Pancake House 

Different Bill than Missouri, but still just as delicious. Bill's best option is their Dollar Pancakes, which, fortunately, are even better than you may think. You get 10 pancakes for just $7. Not exactly a dollar a pancake, but we're not complaining. 

New Mexico: The Grove Cafe & Market 

Local, organic and French. Those are the memorable pancakes from The Grove Cafe & Market. The pancake menu isn't extensive, but with their offering of buttermilk pancakes with fruit, crème fraiche, honey and real maple syrup, you don't need more options. 

New York: Clinton Street Baking Company

With accolades such as "Best Pancake" (New York Magazine) and "New York's #1 breakfast spot" (Lonely Planet), you know you're in for a treat. Clinton Street Baking Company serves their famous blueberry, chocolate chunk and banana walnut pancakes every day. However, for a really special experience, head to the restaurant during pancake month (February) when there's a new pancake offering every day or two. Japanese pumpkin, apple pie and blueberry crumb streusel were some of the daily offerings this past year. 

North Carolina: Sunny Point Cafe 

Sweet potatoes may be all the rage in the salad bowl and meal prep pictures you see all over Instagram. However, Sunny Point Cafe shows they can also be delicious in pancakes. If you're down for even more nutritious foods to cover in maple syrup, test out the organic carrot hotcakes (yes, it's pretty much carrot cake in pancake form). 

North Dakota: Darcy's Cafe

Sunny Point Cafe may have used sweet potatoes to give their pancakes an orange glow, but Darcy's Cafe turns to pumpkin for the same delicious effect. Pumpkin cinnamon roll, plain pumpkin and pumpkin chocolate chip, all of which slightly resemble your favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte, are some of the daily options.

Ohio: Katalina's Cafe 

Although you may think pancakes are best served in their traditional silver dollar shape, Katalina's pancake balls may have you questioning your assumptions. Katalina's Original Pancake Balls mix the glories of stuffed doughnut holes and pancakes in one: pancake batter balls stuffed with Nutella, dulce de leche or pumpkin apple butter. They're so popular Katalina's has sold over 100,000 pancake balls in five years. 

Oklahoma: Syrup. 

Syurp. calls itself a breakfast boutique which means your pancakes will be both beautiful and delicious. Even better than their sweet potato with marshmallow or cinnamon roll pancakes is the fact that the cafe is dedicated to making a positive impact, whether it be through disaster relief, orphanage support or community development. Just another reason to buy more pancakes right? 

Oregon: Jam on Hawthorne

From the kale and kombucha capital of the United States comes a pancake fit just for Portland: oatmeal chai blueberry pancakes. And of course you can get them with vegan butter. The Dragonfly chai, a local tea mix, is a town favorite and fits perfectly with the unique twist on a classic blueberry pancake. Although I know this is a pancake list, the Gran Marnier french toast is also highly recommended. 

Pennsylvania: On Orange

The key to a perfect On Orange pancake experience is eating your Swedish pancakes topped with warm apple compote on a warm day in their beautiful and cozy courtyard. If you're feeling like you have a bit more room in your stomach, add vanilla ice cream on top to create the pancake version of apple pie. 

Rhode Island: Kitchen 

Kitchen in Providence definitely channels the cute, college town cafe vibe with their cosy space, red storefront and small menu written on a chalkboard. Their classic pancakes are simple yet indulgent. You can even order pancakes, eggs and bacon to awaken yourself after a rough college night for only $10. 

South Carolina: Flapjack's Pancake Cabin 

These award winning pancakes have been deemed some of the best pancakes in the south by both Southern Living and Delish, so it's safe to say these delicacies are worth the trip. Eating the sticky bun pancakes inside the log-cabin-esque restaurant is a truly satisfying brunch experience. 

South Dakota: All Day Café

All Day Café is popular for both it's pancakes and it's incredible philosophy "Brunch isn't just a meal. It's a way of life." The cafe definitely helps us believe in the beauty of brunch with its caramel banana pancakes with vanilla whipped cream and blueberry pancakes with lemon cream cheese and almond streusel.

Tennessee: Pancake Pantry

Yes, you can get the traditional buttermilk or slightly less traditional sweet potato pancakes at the Pancake Pantry. However, the real treat comes in the form of their sweet and savory Santa Fe cornmeal pancakes: cornmeal batter mixed with bacon, cheddar cheese, chiles and topped with syrup. 

Texas: Magnolia Pancake Haus 

If Guy Fieri will travel to Texas for these pancakes, we will travel to Texas for these pancakes (and wait in the long line, because good things come to those who wait). Magnolia Pancake Haus is know for their traditional buttermilk, but you also can't skip on the banana's foster, apple cinnamon or bacon pancakes (we're really enjoying this bacon in pancakes trend). 

Utah: Penny Ann's Cafe 

Breakfast sandwiches made with biscuit buns have always been a favorite of brunchers. However, Penny Ann's somehow manages to make this morning treat even better. How? Adding pancakes of course. Penny Ann's breakfast sandwich includes two eggs and three pieces of bacon squished between two delicious pancakes (obviously drenched with butter and syrup as well). 

Vermont: Sugar and Spice 

When in Vermont, you would expect the fresh real maple syrup to always steal the show. However, pancakes from Sugar and Spice are a worthy match for syrup. The pumpkin pancakes topped with the restaurant's own pure maple syrup create a perfect pancake pair. P.S. This is the restaurant for REAL maple syrup lovers. The restaurant even claims it will charge extra for the lackluster artificial syrup. 

Virginia: The Little Grill Collective 

The small worker-owned restaurant Little Grill Collective cooks up classic pancakes in their cosy restaurant. Their cornmeal, buttermilk and buckwheat pancakes are perfected with fresh fruit topping, Mt. Crawford Creamery whipped cream and, of course, real maple syrup. 

Washington: My Sweet Lil' Cakes 

The hugely popular food cart movement in the Pacific Northwest finally has some pancakes represented. Actually, we're not sure if these count as pancakes or waffles on a stick, but these treats make the list regardless just for being so delicious. Try out the savory beer and smoked bacon hotcake or the sweet cherry filled chocolate devil's food cake (or both if you just can't decide). 

West Virginia: Cathedral Cafe

The appeal of Cathedral Cafe is half the atmosphere half the pancake. The the walls of the cafe, which is tucked inside an cute ivy-covered former church, are lined with the work of local artists. Sit down with the pancake special, eggs and bacon, a cup of the town's best coffee, and admire the art or relax with one of the hundreds of books scattered throughout the room. 

Wisconsin: Delta Diner 

If you happen to find yourself lost in pretty much the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin, fear not, this may be your opportunity to stumble across the Delta Diner and their unforgettable Norwegian pancakes. There's not a town in site, but there are plenty of pancakes (and burgers and bacon) to fill you up for the long ride back to civilization. 

Wyoming: Nora's Fish Creek Inn 

For our final pancakes, we return to some classics: straight off the griddle and topped with blueberries, walnuts, or chocolate chips. However, don't turn away because these pancakes aren't topped with the most recent trendy food. In 2012, Nora's Fish Creek won the James Beard Award (arguably the most prestigious cooking award in the United States) for America's Classic Restaurants. 

Now that the easy part of your journey is done (scrolling through beautiful pancakes pictures), go forth and conquer. Grab a pancake in every state. Stick to the buttermilk or get a bit adventurous with oatmeal blueberry chai pancakes. Regardless, remember that all pancakes are better with a cup of coffee, real maple syrup and a trusting friend with whom to conquer the full stack (definitely not the half stack).