Face it, no matter how many times you’ve seen Snapchat stories of matcha tea, you still have no idea how it’s any different from typical green tea. The truth is, matcha is very different from the standard green tea. Matcha is velvety and light compared to classic green tea. The differences between matcha vs green tea lie in the way they're made and their distinct flavors. 

What am I even drinking?

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Sam Jesner

The ways of making matcha and green tea are two very different processes. To make matcha, the stems and veins of fine green tea leaves are crushed to make what is called “matcha powder.” Matcha is best when mixed with water under 175ºF. Cafes often mix it with added sugar or milk.

Green tea is made from simply steeping tea leaves in hot water, typically boiled to 212ºF.  Essentially, matcha is more expensive because it requires a significantly larger amount of effort and time. 

Health Benefits 

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Marie Chantal Marauta

Matcha is more concentrated in antioxidants, and one cup of matcha is equivalent to three cups of green tea. Matcha can also improve your recovery after exercise, may reduce damage caused by UVB radiation, and boost your energy levels. If you're on a super food health kick, adding matcha to the list may not be a bad idea.

For most college students, getting to class without feeling like a zombie is a primary concern. Since matcha is made from whole tea leaves, its caffeine content is more than double the amount of typical green tea. Matcha typically has 68 mg of caffeine per cup, whereas green tea has about 32 mg. When choosing between matcha vs green tea, matcha will better ensure you don't fall asleep mid-lecture. 

Taste of Matcha vs Green Tea

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Sam Jesner

In my experience, the only green tea I can drink without gagging is matcha. It’s typically sweeter because of added sugar in lattes, has a smooth texture, and the extra kick of caffeine is what keeps me going throughout the day. Green tea, on the other hand, is much more bitter by itself. It’s definitely a go-to relaxation drink, but in reality matcha is what I grab on my way to class.

The differences between matcha vs green tea are pretty important. Whether it be a quick pick-me-up before class or a spa day with your friends, both teas have very different benefits. If you ever need a study snack late at night but don't feel like making anything, try one of these teas to see which one is best for you.