I’m convinced that when "Game of Thrones" speaks of the night that is “dark and full of terrors,” they’re talking about post-grad life. You’re expected to wake up (and go to bed) earlier, drink less, go to work on time, eat “healthier” and perhaps scariest of all, eventually get married.

Any college graduate who’s ever scrolled through their Facebook feed knows what I’m talking about. Adorably curated photo after photo pops up with the caption, “We’re engaged!” When you check your mailbox, wedding invitations are starting to outnumber your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons — talk about dark and terrifying.

After graduation, I wound up with a job that required me to get intimately acquainted with the wedding world, you know, beyond my newsfeed. And one thing I’ve learned: Going to weddings as a young, single post-graduate is actually pretty awesome. 

Here are some of the top reasons why you should take a break from swiping right and look forward to flying solo at your friends' weddings this summer. 

1. The Meal

Ever heard couples say that they were so busy talking to all of their guests, that they didn’t get a chance to eat at their own wedding? Turns out that more often than not, that's totally true. But that’s never the case for a single guest with nobody else to entertain. You can expect to gorge on delicious, mouthwatering plates. And nobody can give you a look for “eating like you did in college” because you’re at a wedding and it’s an occasion to celebrate. Did someone say “buffet?”

2. The Booze

No need to pregame — get ready to throw 'em back like you did in college on game day, only this time at an open bar and probably not while wearing a jersey. Taking advantage of the open bar at a wedding is definitely an advantage of being a guest. Champagne? I'll have a glass. Martini? Don't mind if I do. And if you're single, well a little liquid courage could be the push you need to meet some new friends.

If your friend happens to be hosting a dry wedding? Well, you could always sneak your own in — they don't have to know. 

3. The Cake

Wedding desserts are an event in and of themselves. Even if you have buffet plates stacked high enough in front of you that you were able to hide from partaking in the traditional bouquet toss, you still have room for cake — or cupcakes, or donuts, or whatever other sweets they’re serving up. Single sweet tooths, rejoice!

4. The Favors

Wedding favors are the cherry on top of eating and drinking at your friend’s wedding for free. And wedding favors today have happily taken a turn for the edible. Not only can you expect to stuff your face while you're at the reception, but there’s also a good chance you’ll be taking home a sweet or savory bite to stock your pantry until your next Costco run.

#SpoonTip: Grab extra favors from the couples who are busy on the dance floor — they’ll never miss them.

5. The After Party

Weddings are essentially massive parties, and like all parties, the after party is the best part. While the new couple will inevitably run off before long to go do whatever married couples do, the rest of us get to keep the party going late into the night — often with “midnight snacks,” food trucks, or other small bites to keep wedding guests full even after dessert. Drinking, dancing and late night drunchies? Ah, feels just like college.

So the next time you’re invited to your friends' weddings, get excited for the delicious fun you’re bound to have. It turns out that post-grad life isn’t so bad after all.