Summer is the prime season for partaking in outdoor activities — from music festivals and street fairs to lazy days at the beach and concerts in the park. So why not be prepared with a drink ready for any and all occasions? 

Some might utilize flasks to dodge overly expensive drinks at a baseball game, while others are too impatient to wait in the never-ending line of a rooftop bar. Regardless of your motivation for having a flask, there are some pretty wild inventions out there for having a drink in public that most importantly, will help your sipping go unnoticed — something we can all cheers to!

Here are the best flasks for helping you sneak booze in public without getting caught:

1. Bra Flask

To begin, the bra flask, cleverly named the WineRack, has the capacity to store an entire bottle of wine. While it may appear to resemble a sports bra on the outside, throw a dress over it and no one will know what you are hiding underneath.  

2. Tie Flask

The FlaskTie is perfectly suitable for formal affairs. Whether it's a late night work function or a wedding, you will without a doubt be dressed to impress.  

3. Binoculars Flask

Not a fan of a flask that is attached to your body? Then, the binocular flask is something you ought to consider.  An accessory made for those terrible seats you have at a baseball game or a day at the racetrack. While these binoculars may not help you see any better, they are bound to take the edge off the building pressure in the competitive air of sporting events. For those who prefer to spend their time on the mellow end of the spectrum, take this flask on a casual hike while simultaneously convincing your family that it's made for "birdwatching." 

4. Hairbrush Flask

This multifunctional paddle brush flask, in my opinion, is one of the most useful flasks based on the criteria of size and subtly.  It is particularly common for people to carry hairbrushes in their purses, which would fail to raise a red flag to anyone looking around in your purse. However, once you unscrew the bottom and take a sip, you need to be prepared to get some odd looks thrown your way.  

5. Fake Cell Phone Flask

This iFlask may not be able to send your friends a selfie or help you stalk your ex on Instagram, but it will discreetly hold your alcohol. And for that reason, we consider it a winner. All you have to do is screw off its lid and you're ready to go. If you really want to impress your friends, it also has a bottle opener on the back.

6. Lotion Bottle Flask

Especially necessary for the summer, the lotion (sunscreen) flask is an effective way to transport booze to outdoor music festivals or the beach. Using an old lotion bottle as a flask is a sustainable way to repurpose some of the old plastic containers you feel guilty throwing away. Although, you do want to thoroughly clean out these bottles to ensure that all remnants of the former product are no longer present before using. 

7. Wine Purse

In similar regard to the WineRack previously discussed, the wine purse also has the ability to store an entire bottle of wine of your preference, just in bag form. While both the bra and the purse provide the same purpose, in comparison, I believe the wine purse is a much more comfortable alternative. 

8. Wallet Flask

While the wallet flask's size may be limited by volume, it can readily fit in your pocket and easily be accessed for later use. 

9. Disposable Flask

Popular for its pliability, the disposable flask seems as if can be hidden fairly easily. Not only is it pliable, it flattens as the liquid leaves the pack, allowing it to be space effective and collapsed for later uses. 

10. Camera Flask 

Hey hipsters, this vintage leather camera doubles as a flask allowing you to "take pictures" for your friends to enjoy.  All you have to do is screw off the "photo button" and you are all good to go. 

11. Tampon Flask

In the past few years, the tampon flask has gained momentum for the exact reason stated on the package: "hidden in plain sight." I do not think this ingenious idea needs much more explanation than that.

12. Seat Cushion Flask 

Sports fans and stadium concert goers alike must be swooning over this clever take on a flask. While the idea seems marvelous upfront, I would be wary actually sitting on the stadium sippin' seat for I feel as if it would explode, leaving me caught in the act.  

13. Beer Beard 

The lack of subtly aside with the Beer Beard, I think this flask could be particularly useful for costume parties or Halloween events. For some, the Beer Beard could not only provide a single beer draped along their neck, but also fulfill the lifelong dream of instantly achieving a 12 inch long beard.  An accomplishment that for many takes years of hard work and diligence.  

14. Flask Scarf 

As a flask and scarf combo, this trendy innovation lends itself well to cooler months.  As the abrasive temperatures that accompany fall and winter appear, an opportunity arises to bundle yourself in a scarf that also dispenses your favorite beverage.  

15. The Beer Belly Flask 

When I first laid eye on this picture, my first thought was that it appeared to resemble a CamelBack. Fit for the belly opposed to the back, the beer belly flask fools people left and right, especially if you have a shirt on over it. If you have not seen your friends for awhile, they may think that you have been sipping on a few too many brews in your free time.

16. Bracelet Flask 

The "flasket" exists as a classy (and deceiving) piece of jewelry assuring that it will spice up your outfit along with your night. It looks like it could be a little heavy at first, but once you start sipping, it shouldn't be so bad. 

Overall, some of these flasks are more subtle, while others may draw more attention than you prefer. Regardless of the statement you intend on making, let this list of ridiculous flasks help you sneak a drink in public drink in public. 

Please drink responsibly: Spoon University does not support binge drinking.