Every time I go to a music festival, the first thing I do is buy water and food because I am always hungry. But the thing is, even after paying a large amount of money for the ticket, I always have to make sure I bring enough money to the festival itself just to buy food and water.

Of course I can eat before and maybe only have to buy one meal depending on how long the festival day is, but there is no way I can get around buying the over priced water that the festival knows I will HAVE to buy. I usually end up paying between $5 to $7 per bottle of water, so by the end of just one day, I will have probably spent $20+ just on water—something that everyone needs in order to survive.

And that’s is exactly why food and drinks are so expensive at festivals. With everyone trapped in the same fenced off area, the people who run the festival know you will be forced to spend how ever much you have to on food and drinks because you will get thirsty and you probably will get hungry, and with no other option YOU WILL have to pay them what they ask for.

So, how do you avoid spending money on overpriced water, alcoholic beverages and food? Bring it with you. Yes, you are usually not allowed to bring it in so that’s why you should read these 12 tips on how to sneak food and drinks into a music festival.

1. Hide it on your body.

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Whether it’s food or drinks, try hiding it in your shirt, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, hood, hat or even hair. You might be wondering how you can hide drinks in any of those places, but it’s a lot easier than you think. You know those wine bags that they have at frat parties? Put it in your pants. If you don’t want it in your pants, shove it in your shirt, it might just look like a beer belly. You can also tape it to your back, put it in your hat, or put it in your man bun.

Another option is to get mini bottles of whatever your drink is and hide them in your pants/underwear. My personal favorite would probably have to be a flexible flask because they come in different sizes and you can put whatever you want in it, not just alcohol like some of the other pre-prepared options.

When it comes to food, a granola bar for example, you can try putting it in the hood of your sweatshirt or in your wallet. You can always shove food in your pants, socks, or shirt too, but make sure that whatever food you are bringing won’t melt. If you are super committed to the process, grow out some dread locks in advance of the festival and when the time comes, you can shove whatever you want into your hair.

2. Use tampon flasks.

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These are super easy to fill up and super easy to hide because you can leave them in plain site. I have never heard of or seen a security guard open a tampon to see what’s inside. Have you?

3. Bring a stadium seat hidden flask.

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It’s no crime to bring in a comfy seat for your booty. Butts can get soar sitting on the ground, so why not bring in something that you can both sit and sip on?

4. Flower Crown

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Picture courtesy of @flowercrownsociety on Instagram

Maybe all those girls in the flower crowns aren’t as basic as you thought. Remember those flowers that spray water that clowns used at parties when you were a kid? Well soon you might be using them too. Make your own flower crown out of spray flowers filled with a drink of your choice.

5. Carry around a binoculars flask.

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Binoculars are a pretty common thing for fan girls/boys to bring into concerts so why not hide your drink in plain sight? This binocular flask lets you fill each side up so you can bring in two different drinks. So if you need a chaser, go right ahead and bring one. If you really are just drinking water, you can fill both sides up. If binoculars aren’t your thing, you can also find lipstick flasks, hairbrush flasks and even digital camera flasks.

6. Wear a WineRack.

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You can actually purchase a bra that’s part-camelbak. Despite the name of this product, you can fill your magical bra with any liquid, not just wine. These will cost you about $30, but hey, you will have it forever and will end up saving money in the end.

7. Put on a party package.

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If the WineRack doesn’t exactly work for your body, you can buy underwear that has a special compartment for hiding stuff. Although girls can try it, this one will definitely work a little better for boys.

8. Bring along resealed water bottles.

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If the festival allows you to bring in sealed water bottles, check out this video on how to reseal a water bottle.

9. Fill your sun screen and lotion bottles.

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When a festival doesn’t allow sealed water bottles, put your drink of choice in a sunscreen or lotion bottle. You can either wash out your own really really well or you could purchase a set of empty sunscreen bottles, that were made exactly for this purpose.

10. Eat gummy bears.

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If you can bring food into the festival but you also want to bring in drinks, make vodka infused gummy bears.

11. Pocket some oranges.

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If you can bring food in and want to bring alcohol in but are trying to stay on the healthy side of things, bring vodka infused oranges instead of gummy bears. They require a little more work, but are very tasty. All you need are some oranges, vodka, and a syringe. Fill the syringe with vodka and then inject your oranges.

12. Bury your treasure.

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This is probably one of the more complicated ones and has to be executed perfectly in order to work. If for some reason you feel like visiting the venue early and happen to know a spot where the stage, food, and port-o-potties won’t be placed, try burying your food and drinks there. Make sure you mark it in some way though because the area will definitely look a lot different once it is concert ready.