Snickers have become my favorite candy bar because of their ingenious "Hunger Bar" line. I am most certainly whiny, snippy, dramatic, and feisty when I don't have my Snickers bar, and I'm glad that Snickers is encouraging all of my hunger-related feelz. In an effort to (probably) make me even more hungry, Snickers is coming out with three new flavors, and they're amazing. 

Here is everything you need to know about the newest Snickers flavors that you'll most definitely be hungry for. 

Fiery Snickers

Photo courtesy of @Snickers of Instagram

It's a Snickers Bar with some added chili pepper in the nougat base, and yep, it's hotter than your most fire Insta. 

Salty & Sweet Snickers

Photo courtesy of @Snickers of Instagram

I'm most excited for this flavor because I'm low-key addicted to salt, but the Salty & Sweet Snickers adds some salted caramel to the mix. It's pretty similar to the OG Snickers bar, but the salted caramel adds a little touch of fun to the party. 

Espresso Snickers

Photo courtesy of @Snickers of Instagram

If you don't want to pregame the library with a triple shot, try out this Espresso Snickers bar. It's supposed to have a super strong espresso flavor, so you might get caffeine contact high. 

Sadly, these babies are not coming out until next June, but you can make some Snickers cream cheese or ice cream to hold yourself off until then.