We have no shortage of original recipes here at Spoon. If anything, we're drowning in them (and that's exactly how we like it). 

Not gonna lie, if you don't have a sweet spot for unique, innovative recipes that don't require professional level knife skills or $1000 grocery list budget, you're not going to enjoy this article. The following nine recipes are the best of the best we've published this month, rounded up so that you can start off 2017 the right way: with a knife, fork, and spoon in hand. They're easy, delicious and sometimes even nutritious. 

1. Icicle Candy

Everything should taste good in your winter wonderland, be the Biggie Smalls of your kitchen candy factory and sing "I love it when they call me Big Wonka."

2. Sweet and Tangy Squash and Walnut Grain Bowl

pomegranate, sauce, pepper, meat, vegetable
Brooke Daly

Bust out your curry powder and hop aboard the grain bowl train, cuz we're leaving the station with or without you. You know that feeling of having a clean, wholesome meal in your full belly—you know, the kind that gives you all the energy and flavor you crave without any of the nasty effects of, say, fast food? Make this dish and you will. 

3. 3-Cheese Dumplings

chicken, vegetable, soup
Matt Volpe

Let's break this down into basic math, cheese + dumplings = pleasure. Call them canederli, call them knödel, these Austro-German and Italian cuisine inspired balls of greatness taste good no matter what country you make them in. 

4. Mint Pesto Grilled Chicken Wraps

Sometimes big flavor can come from a tiny tweak, as in the case of these wraps. You think swapping out mint for basil is no big deal? Eat one of these and then come talk to us.

5. Ginger Honey Hot Wings

No offense to our old pal buffalo, but it's a new year and we need a new Super Bowl menu. Sweetness: check. Spiciness: check. Finger-lickin' chicken: check. 

6. Peanut Noodle Salad

spaghetti, vegetable, pasta
Alex Frank

If you don't already order Chef'd and Spoon University's new meal kit, you will after making this noodle salad. Put a roommate dinner on the calendar and break out your chopsticks because this lunch recipe is too good not to share.

7. Sweet n' Salty Magic Bars (with Brownie Crust)

candy, chocolate, sweet, fruitcake, cake
Elizabeth Budd

Did you forget your brownies in the oven, again? Great, because this article calls for overcooked brownies—waste not, want not. When life gives you lemons, pour condensed milk on them. 

8. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Spoon Pops

Listen, the world has seen weirder combinations. Trust us. Some things in the world aren't meant to be questioned, they exist for the sole purpose of pleasure. Don't talk, just eat. 

9. Chocolate Caramel Bacon Toffee

No explanation necessary.