If Los Angeles had a food capital, East LA would be it. From the trendy to the exotic, this neighborhood has it all. Nearly every place is amazing, but if you're overwhelmed by the multitude of East LA restaurants or apprehensive wondering into uncharted territory, here’s a few of my favorites to get you started. 


A.k.a the gateway drug to East LA’s fantastic food scene. For those of your friends less inclined to visit the East Side, take them here. They’ve seen the iconic brioche toast with burrata and jam on Instagram, and that’s enough to get them in the car. I have my frustrations with the incessantly long line, but it's worth going at an off hour to enjoy the masterful creations of this talented chef. Healthy, fresh, seasonal, and creative - this place is truly a MUST. 

Order: Rugbrod Toast, Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl  

All Time

Casual neighborhood spot that’s garnered the attention of foodies across the city and rightfully so. A relatively simple menu made from quality ingredients that will satisfy everyone. Although every meal is solid, I’d come here for breakfast or brunch over dinner.

Order: Breakfast Burrito, French Toast, House Roasted Turkey Sandwich, Burrata Toast 


Nestled in the hills of Echo Park is this heavenly destination. On a sunny day the light diffusing through the shades onto the patio creates the ideal brunch setting. 

Order: Bacon & Egg, Lemon & Poppyseed Pancakes   

Ostrich Farm

Entering this sunset boulevard staple feels like you’re coming home. The wooden tables, natural lighting, and friendly staff create a comfortable environment. Their menu features American-ish style food with an emphasis on fresh meat and produce. Any meal of the day here will not disappoint.

Order: Chef's Breakfast


Dinette is small-but-mighty and is perhaps my favorite East LA restaurant. It is quite literally a hole in the wall where you order at the window and eat in a small area adjacent. Their menu is eclectic to say the least, but they’ve mastered every dish. Come for breakfast or lunch or just a coffee.  

Order: Waffle with Egg + Bacon 


Beware, I'm about to drop the V word. VEGANS are welcomed here as their menu is plant-based. However, regardless of your dietary preferences, their brunch presents a variety of savory and sweet items sure to satisfy omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores alike. The indoor/outdoor ambiance is also extremely pleasant.

Order: Overnight Oats are amazing, skip the peach pancakes (they’re a little dry)


Market in the front, party in the back! Their outdoor seating is beautiful, reminiscent of a chic wedding shower destination you’d see on Pinterest. Head here for unique breakfast and brunch items that taste as marvelous as they look.

Order: Maple Tahini Toast is life changing 

Pine & Crane

Quick and casual spot consistently dishing out perfection. Regardless of whether you like Taiwanese food, you will LOVE this place. Their extensive tea and boba selection is also fabulous.

Order: Two words: Beef Roll. Absolutely ESSENTIAL. ORDER NOW. 


It’s a Friday night, and you forgot to make a reservation for your friends coming into town. Head to this quirky neighborhood spot for the perfect balance of upscale and low key. Everyone can find something they'll like that's both healthy and tasty.

Order: Grains & Greens Bowl, Fried Chicken Sandwich


The menu is handwritten on brown paper bags. You can’t make a reservation. They have no phone or website. But since it's LA and us foodies couldn't give a sh*t, there’s always a crowd swarming the joint. This small-but-incredible Israeli-inspired menu features fresh produce and seafood. You never knew cauliflower could taste this good (only served on Sundays)

Order: Japanese sweet potatoes, Whole fish 

Ma’am Sir

The type of fusion where you’re not sure what type of ethnic cuisine you’re eating, but you love it nonetheless. This lively indoor/outdoor spot has a full bar, botanical wall, and 3 types of butter for your bread. I mean truly, what more could you want?

Order: Cucumber & Pomelo Salad, Hangover Fried Rice 

Honey Hi

This chic, bright, and sustainable cafe has a minimalist vibe to it that is absolutely wonderful. Their menu is vegetable-heavy and innovative. Come here for a reasonably priced lunch that cleanses your body and still tastes good.

Order:  A.B.J Toast, That Grain Bowl

I hope this list of delicious destinations has left you drooling at your screen and more importantly, inspired to visit LA's most foodie friendly neighborhood! Happy eating folks :)