Whether you're in need of an appetizer, a meal, or a snack, these scallion pancakes are super simple to make and you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand any way. I woke up feeling so nostalgic about my trip to Asia this past summer but munching on these crispy beauties made me feel like I was back in Taiwan again.  

Taiwanese Scallion Pancakes

  • Prep Time:15 mins
  • Cook Time:10 mins
  • Total Time:25 mins
  • Servings:3
  • Easy


  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 bunches scallions
  • 1.75 cups water
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
chicken, sauce, vegetable, meat
Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 1

    Prepare your ingredients by chopping the scallions and measuring out your flour and your water.

    #SpoonTip If you can sift your flour while measuring, it will be so much crispier!

    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 2

    Put aside your scallions and combine the flour and the water.

    sweet, wheat, cereal, milk, dough, flour
    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 3

    Mix thoroughly and allow the mixture to rest for 7 minutes.

    flour, cream, dairy product, milk
    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 4

    Add scallions and salt to the mixture.

    leek, vegetable, scallion, onion, spring onion, chives
    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 5

    Heat up a pan (using oil is optional if you have a non-stick pan but I just wanted to make them extra crispy) and mix in the scallions while waiting.

    chicken, cream, soup
    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 6

    Spoon the mixture into the pan and use that spoon to evenly distribute for a thin, crispy pancake. You can size them however you'd like.

    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 7

    Wait for the edges to turn slightly golden and flip to cook thoroughly .

    Melissa Vajanaphanich
  • Step 8

    Allow the bottom to brown and then serve! I like it best with crispy chili oil.

    seafood, sauce, meat, vegetable
    Melissa Vajanaphanich