Welcome the newest addition to the USC Village restaurant scene, Honeybird! Their menu is full of Southern comfort food favorites like juicy fried chicken, creamy macaroni and cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes. On its official opening day on Monday (3/19), if you follow @spoon_usc and @honeybirdla on Instagram, you can get a free drink with purchase!

Growing up as a Southern girl, I have high standards, and Honeybird did not disappoint. A couple of us Spoonies got to sample the menu, and here's what we picked.

Kelsea Picarella


Phil Lee O Fish Sandwich, The Honeybird, 1 pc Fried Chicken (Leg)

Cindy Zhang
Cindy Zhang

The Phil Lee O Fish gave us all the flavors we expect from a classic fish sandwich. The fish was light and flaky and gave an overall soft mouthfeel. For the fried chicken pieces, we chose legs, since I'm a dark meat fan. Let me tell you that drumstick was crispy and oh-so-juicy. Now for the real star of this spot, the Honeybird features a fried chicken breast sandwiched with red fresno chilis, pimento cheese, and cider slaw on a brioche bun. The pimento cheese was a creamy contrast to the spice of the chilis. The housemade pickles on the side were the perfect blend of bread-and-butter and dill. We were tied between the Honeybird and the fried chicken being our top picks of the day.


Fries, Mac N Cheese, Honeybird Biscuits, Collard Greens

Kelsea Picarella
Cindy Zhang

The fries were bomb. The thick crispy layer on the outside hid a soft, fluffy potato on the inside. We thought these fries would be perfect contenders for loaded toppings. The Mac N Cheese was creamy and gave a really nice cheese pull. One of our taste-testers liked it so much, he took the rest home. Of the sides, the Honeybird Biscuits were my favorite. The flaky texture is interrupted by bits of applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and chives. The honey butter on the side serves as the perfect sweet-and-salty combo. The sweet-yet-acidic Collard Greens reminded me of my childhood.

#SpoonTip: Try the Mac N Cheese with their hot sauce if you want to add a flavor kick!


Pecan Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Bread Pudding Pie

Kelsea Picarella

Pecan Pie was my favorite holiday dessert growing up, so I had to try the one at Honeybird. My grandma would make a whole pie just for me every Thanksgiving. This one was a perfect replica. The Banana Cream Pie was light, creamy, and perfectly banana-y. It tasted just like my mom's famous banana pudding. The Bread Pudding Pie was the winner at our table. The crust was a nice texture balance against the sweet, gooey inside. We all decided it would've been amazing with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

#SpoonTip: Make sure to get the bread pudding warmed!

If you couldn't tell already, I give Honeybird my Southern seal of approval. Check it out next to Nail Garden in the USC Village for its grand opening on Monday!