If you're from Los Angeles, you probably know that Downtown LA is home to some of the best restaurants and dessert bars.  For someone who has a crazy sweet tooth, I find myself in bakeries and cake shops more often than I would like. My frequent excursions have definitely helped me put on weight but they have also helped me discover some of the best desserts in the area. So here is the ultimate "Sugar Mommy's" guide to the top 10 dessert bars to visit in Downtown LA.

1. Salt and Straw

If you live in LA you probably know about Salt and Straw and their extremely quirky yet delicious ice cream flavors. Their must-try flavor, however, is the Honey Lavender, which, believe it or not, tastes just the way it sounds! My personal go to is a split scoop of Toasted White Chocolate and James Coffee and Bourbon in a waffle cone. It's safe to say that one visit is enough to satisfy your sugar cravings for the rest of the week!

2. Gelateria Uli

I accidentally came upon Uli as I was trying to navigate my way to the Last Bookstore in DTLA. They serve the most decadent gelato and refreshing sorbets. Their flavors are updated every week and are inspired by the city of LA. It might be a little difficult to find but once you're there I promise the gelato will magically transport you to Italy.

3. McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

Okay I promise I'm not addicted to ice cream (maybe). But nested in Grand Central Market,  McConnell's serves up not only the best ice cream but also some of the most delicious freak shakes. Their ice creams are so indulgent that I usually end up buying a pint to go. I would really suggest trying the Turkish Coffee or the Salted Caramel Chip. However, be prepared to wait in line.

4. Honey Mee

Most times when I am in the area and craving a sweet drink after my spicy bowl of ramen, I head over to Honey Mee in Little Tokyo for some honey-infused ginger tea. They specialize in different flavors of soft serve, all with a drizzle of their best quality honey. Their soft serve is some of the best that I've had in the city.

5. Little Damage

Safe to say that Little Damage did some big damage to my fitness goals. But I had to try their charcoal ice cream and it did not disappoint. However, the flavor of the charcoal ice cream changes every month so I would suggest looking it up before you head over for some basic yet cute Instagram pictures with their extremely relatable neon signs!

6. The Pie Hole

With its wholesome and satisfying pies, the Pie Hole successfully secures a spot in my list of dessert bars to visit in Downtown LA. Located in the Arts District, they serve a large variety of both sweet and savory pies. Their Apple Pie is a classic must-try, but their Salted Caramel Pecan Pie is absolutely out of this world. Another must-try is their Cereal Killer Pie made with Froot Loops. Believe me, Alice would have had much more fun had she slipped and fallen into this hole.

7. Mikawaya

If you're a fan of mochi and ice cream you definitely need to check out Mikawaya for their scrumptious mochi ice cream. Located next to Honey Mee in Little Tokyo, these bite-sized delicacies are a dollar each. Some of their best flavors include the classic Red Bean and Matcha.

8. Somi Somi

What's better than Ube and Black Sesame soft serve? Ube and Black Sesame soft serve in a goldfish waffle cone! Somi Somi hits the spot with their unique and crunchy waffle cone that balances the sweetness of the soft serve. Also it looks super aesthetically pleasing on your Instagram. All the more reason to go, right?

9. Urth Caffe

If you live in Los Angeles, you've probably been to Urth Caffe for their mouthwatering sandwiches and pizzas. But what you should know is that they also serve some of the best fruit tarts and tiramisu in the city. Their matcha tiramisu is the perfect go-to for those days when you need to eat your feelings. And if it's from Urth Caffe, it's probably healthy anyway.

10. California Donuts

Rounding off (quite literally) my top 10 dessert bars is California Donuts. This cute shop is known for its colorful and cute donuts, with the public favorite being the Panda Donut which is topped with Oreos. The freeze dried strawberry and chocolate donut is a must try.

There it is! A list of some of my favorite dessert bars to visit in Downtown LA. The desserts in the in the city are unique and eclectic like the city itself. So every time that sugar craving hits I suggest you go to these spots and try and pick your favorites!