In today’s digitized world, you can do more without leaving the comfort of your couch. Owning a business. Selling a product. Studying for a test. Even group projects. You know, where you pretend to be sick and contribute via Google Drive alone. However, all of these conveniences can point to a life confined to the walls of your apartment or dorm room #boring. Thankfully, we have the birth of ~trendy~ coffee shops to save us from utter loneliness. There’s nothing like a delicious cup of cold brew and boujee avo toast to get you out the door and into society!

LA coffee shops have become as essential to the city's lifestyle as owning a car, so there’s lots of options. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which buzz-worthy spot is right for you, pun intended. Luckily, this local (aka me, Mara) is here to point you in the right direction. Enjoy sipping at some of my city's most fabulous and highly caffeinated destinations!

Downtown Los Angeles

Bohemian House of Espresso + Chai: insanely good chai tea lattes and wraps! Also a fridge full of healthy snacks. Only a few seating options, but rarely has a crowd.

Yuko Soup Bar: Is this a coffee shop? No. But do they serve tea, soup and matcha cookies? YES! This spot has the most tranquil loft with tons of space to spread out and get sh*t done

Cow Cafe: quaint spot with delicious coffee and matcha. The food is also fabulous -  Mediterranean and vegetarian inspired! Seating is limited but comfortable. There's Wifi! 

Verve: very aesthetically pleasing place to sit - either inside or on the patio. If you're there to do work with the rest of Downtown's freelancers, beware of cutthroat outlet culture and splotchy wifi. 

West Adams 

Highly Likely Cafe: upon settling in here it is ~highly likely~ that you never leave. Best spot for studying, catching up with friends, eating/snacking or doing literally anything. Tumeric latte is heavenly. 

Arts District 

Maru: If you are a matcha connoisseur like myself - go here now. PSA: furniture is hella uncomfortable as part of their ~minimalist vibe~, straight up wooden boxes. So perhaps just roll through and do not sit.

Groundwork Coffee: A hub of productivity in this laid back neighborhood that's always buzzing. Great wifi and even better coffee! Goodluck snagging an outlet. Treat yourself to LA Pie Hole across the street after.

Firehouse Hotel: A really cool new place to hangout in the Arts District. The coffee shop is part of a plush hotel lobby (aka fabulous Wifi) and there's also outdoor seating with fire places and a stellar restaurant. 

Stumptown Coffee RoastersBEST cold brew! Spacious and pleasant bar to sit at outside. If you’re lucky, Yeastie Boys Bagels truck might be parked nearby. 

The Row: a little utopia within the Arts District's. Home to restaurants, shopping and two fabulous coffee shops: Paramount Coffee Project and Cafe Dulce. Both serving great coffee and tea. PCP is an Australian import with a more extensive food menu and communal seating. Cafe Dulce has Wifi and great salads. The Manufactory  also has a coffee and ice cream window!  

Base Coat: this is a sort of hidden spot. It’s part of a boujee nail salon, however that doesn’t stop many people from coming here solely for the coffee and serene workspace.

East LA: Echo Park, Silver Lake, & Los Feliz

Dinosaur Coffee: one of my ultimate favorite destinations. Always productive vibes in here and serves hella good desserts - I recommend the pie. 

LAMILL Coffee Boutique: a neighborhood classic serving food that's possibly better than their coffee. Possibly. Perfect plush chairs inside and shaded outdoor seating. Come here anytime for anything ever. 

Intelligentsia: when it comes to East LA's coffee shops scene competition is pretty steep and this is perhaps the most popular of them all. Huge outdoor patio with some great people watching! 

La Colombe: if Intelligentsia is too crowded, head around the corner for that scrumptious draft latte with oat milk. Plenty of lofted workspace in the back!

Valerie Echo Park: away from the bustle of Sunset Boulevard lies East LA's most peaceful coffee shop. Masterful pastry chef (@valerieconfctns) opened a bakery and cafe in the hills of Echo Park with a lovely outdoor area 

Doubting Thomas: located in historic Filipinotown is this wonderful establishment. Unique and quality eats alongside a plethora of drink options. Perfect study spot if you find yourself in the area. 

Highland Park

Go Get Em Tiger: A coffee shop so cute and aesthetically pleasing, I'm tempted to buy their merch every time. Multiple locations throughout LA, each one equally enjoyable. Breakfast is GREAT. 

Civil Coffee: a neighborhood essential that's got it    all. Friendly staff and fabulous eats. 

Kindness & Mischief: a coffee destination as adorable as the name itself. Perfect place to work alone at a table and have one of the best egg sandwiches around. 

Culver City

Cognoscenti: finding success after a series of popups around LA, this destination takes its coffee seriously. As a result, it is fantastic. Frequent any destination for a pleasant experience. 

Bar 9: nestled between buildings in Culver City's quieter area is this haven for coffee lovers. The white modern interior features an awesome bar, making this a truly communal space. 

Destroyer: this place is a VIBE. Ideal for sitting outside on a pleasant day and eating the most incredible bowl of overnight oats you didn't know you needed. 

West Hollywood & Beverly Hills

Cha Cha Matcha: this NYC transplant has finally arrived in LA and boy are we #blessed. Their epic pink and green outdoor wonderland provides the perfect ambience for sipping the most delicious cup of nitro matcha cold brew you'll ever have. 

Alfred's: the coffee destination that's become as iconic to Los Angeles as - dare I say it  - Urth Cafe. Check out Alfred's Tea Room (for boba) and Alfred's coffee, both located on a super nice street in West Hollywood.  

Carrera Cafe: the instafmaous coffee shop has got a lot of ~influencer~ presence, however judgements aside the European style coffee and espresso is delicious. 

Zinque: coffee shop by day, wine bar by night - their amazing patio serves as the perfect destination to sit for hours basking in the LA sun. And the food is just as fabulous as the drink. 

La Brea

Republique: beware of the line, but know that it  is worth the wait! The pastries and coffee are some of the best around and enjoying them in the skylit space is necessary. 

Sycamore Kitchen: I would spend the whole day here and not get bored. You could try to just get coffee but it's likely that their stellar menu will tempt you otherwise... 

Santa Monica & Venice

Bondi Harvest: this wonderfully serene coffee destination is located white, barn-like establishment away from Santa Monica Crowds. Much like every other Australian restaurant to open in our country, it is serving scrumptious breakfast items and killer coffee.

Butcher's Daughter: do NOT come on weekends or ever attempt to study here - too many tourists - however, do come here at an off-hour for a shopping break to enjoy the lovely botanical interior and variety of drinks 

Fairfax & Melrose

Paramount Coffee Project (PCP): amidst the overpriced sweatshirt brands on Fairfax Ave lies PCP, a small but mighty coffee spot! 

Hart & The Hunter: stalling for your Jon + Vinny’s reservation? Computer with 5% battery? Head here for outlets, free wifi, and big tables ideal for getting sh*t done. Be sure to get a biscuit too!

Happy sipping!