Coffee. Something all college students run on during morning lectures, midterms, and finals. At the University of Southern California, we are always in the need for more caffeine. Us Trojans are blessed to have incredible coffee shops both on, off, and surrounding our incredible downtown Los Angeles campus. There's classic coffee joints such as Coffee Bean and Starbucks, and of course, insanely trendy ones at our USC Village or surrounding us nearby on the downtown LA streets. Whether you're a Trojan or just live in the area, checkout my list of the best coffee shops at the University of California for studying.

Classic Coffee Chains on Campus

Although there are six Starbucks locations on USC's campus, I would recommend two of them as convenient study spots. The first is the Starbucks located near the Lyon Center. It is inside King Hall and known as Cafe 84. This is still a 24/7 Starbucks, so stay away from Leavey Library if it's gonna be an all nighter for you. The environment is chill and relaxing, with dim lighting. It always has a crowd but is never  overpacked. The second 'Bucks I would recommend is at the USC Village. With it being new and trendy comes with a price of it being always packed. If you are able to grab a seat, take it, and stay there. It is a fantastic study spot with some great coffee. Another coffee chain on campus is Coffee Bean at the School of Cinematic Arts because the building is one of the most gorgeous spots on campus. Grab a reduced fat chocolate chip twist, a coffee, and a seat outside to enjoy studying in the gorgeous LA weather. Another USC on-campus staple is of course, none other than Ground Zero Cafe. It is a student-run coffee house and performance venue. It definitely is for the campus hipsters, and it took me a minute to even find it on campus during my first year! Known for their creative milkshakes and delicious coffee, you can definitely get your caffeine fix and grab a sofa seat and study all day long.

More is More at the USC Village

With the USC Village's opening in August 2017, heaps of new shops flooded the newest addition to campus. Dulce is one of the cutest coffee shops/bakeries I have ever stepped foot into. All white interior gives it a clean look and vibe. Order an iced blueberry matcha latte with a fresh caprese sandwich or a mango jicama salad, but make sure to save room for a Cinnamon Toast Crunch donut. Plus, the service is great. A perf study spot! Next up at the Village for an ideal study spot is BBCM Cafe, also known as the Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker. This chain cafe has made its way to USC. Known for their brunches and California cuisine, it is a great place to study, plus order a bite to eat and a cappuccino with the cutest latte art in the mid-afternoon to miss the brunch crowd. 

Off Campus Yet Close

With the University of Southern California's campus being right smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles gives us Trojans many, many options for coffee shop study spots. A favorite by many students is Nature's Brew, 10 minutes away (walking) from campus. This is for all the students who love that earthy vibe. Their pastries are baked fresh and include vegan and gluten-free options and they have a ton of dairy-free substitutes for your coffee. Order a sandwich and an almond milk latte and you can get your study grind on. Another study spot close to campus is Verve. Verve is 15 minutes away from campus, on Spring Street. This cafe is an aesthetic-lover's dream with its plants hanging from the walls and warm, soft lighting. Not only do they have coffee, but they have healthy brain food too. Pick up a salad and order a drink and get your study sesh on, away from USC's busy campus. 

Choose a Spot, Order a Coffee, and Get to Studying

As you can see, us Trojans truly are spoiled when it comes to finding a coffee shop study spot. I mean, we are the University of Spoiled Children after all right? Ha ha... #justUSCthings. But seriously, we appreciate all of our on/off-campus resources in order to get our caffeine fix and finish that last minute essay. At the University of Southern California, you will feel like you can crush your exams and continue to #fighton with all the coffee shops this amazing, one-of-a-kind school has to offer you.