I think that there is a general consensus that Los Angeles has the best of the best food on the West Coast. With LA being a melting pot of different cultures, there are endless possibilities of amazing eats and flavors. For those of us born and raised here in LA (sorry, but those born in the Valley are not from LA...), we tend to have our own slang for food here. From Kazu to Urth, we have our own language to communicate what the move is for our next meal. 

Let's Start with Sush

It is a well-known fact that us Angelenos have a deep love for sushi. Real ones call it sush (pronounced "soosh"). It's a lifestyle. An extremely affordable option is of course Kula in the Sawtelle area. Sushi made to order and rotating on conveyor belts? Yes, it exists, and almost every plate is only $2.50. Two soosh places I absolutely cannot live without are Sugarfish and Kazunori. LA locals love to abbreviate everything, so we just refer to it as Sugar and Kazu. I think 90% of us LA folk have an addiction. Crowds will line up down the block for either place, and they serve the most magical handrolls and sashimi I have ever tasted. Sugarfish's Trust Me says it all for you. And lastly, are you truly a die-hard sushi lover if you haven't been to Nobu? With the most scenic location right in the 'Bu (Malibu, that is), it is the most lavish sushi experience one can have. It is no wonder why literally every celebrity is there all of the time. 

Lunch Classics

Urth is a necessity for those of us who are basic and not afraid to admit it sometimes. Urth Caffé is a staple to meet up with one of your gals for lunch, or if you have a deep, deep craving for the kid's mac n' cheese. So rich, creamy, and cheesy. You also can't not get one of Urth's famous boba drinks. It is just a basic rule that every Urth dish should be accompanied by a blended Green Tea boba or a Spanish Latte Granita. 

The amount of times I have posted a food pic from Bottega is unreal. A downtown LA brunch/dinner spot known for their beautiful desserts, Bottega Louie is where it's at. Not only do their desserts look like delicate art pieces that should belong in the Louvre, but Bottega is also a restaurant, market, and patisserie. A popular spot for USC students (#fighton), it is such a dreamy restaurant with all white décor and tall glass windows that give that perfect lighting for the typical LA foodie Insta story. (P.S. I 10/10 recommend the portabello fries... and don't be afraid to ask for the epi bread!) 

A true LA lunch classic–Lemonade. With locations everywhere, this cafeteria-style restaurant is the epitome of California fresh food. LA natives can choose from colorful salads, braised meats, sandwiches, a giant macaron, and of course... lemonade. Anyone in LA who is craving vibrant, flavorful veggies with a side of mac n' cheese knows where to go. 

We Can't Live Without Juice and Açai 

There are probably handfuls of stereotypes regarding Los Angeles locals and their "love" for green juices. Yes, this stereotype is true. Walk down Abbot Kinney and go up to any random person, and there is a 99% chance that they are probably on a juice cleanse. It is simply just part of LA culture. The most popular juiceries are Pressed or Kreation. Pressed Juicery has got to be my favorite. Not only do they have an endless supply of juices to mix and match for a perfect cleanse, but they also have one of the best desserts for anyone who is on a diet but wants to indulge–Pressed Freeze. Pressed Freeze is just a frozen version of their juices, topped with fruit, almond butter, cacao drizzle, and more. Vegan and gluten free, it is the perfect alternative to ice cream. Just say the word "Pressed" and I'll be there. 

Kreation is another hotspot for a juice shot or a meal replacement. They serve their juice shots in syringes, because they are actually shots that can bring you back to life, especially if you feel your immune system weakening. You can always catch someone in Los Angeles with the classic glass Kreation bottle on hand. 

If you forget to feed an LA native an açai bowl at least once a week, they might go a little crazy. Açai bowls are an all-year-round standard meal, even in the brutal Los Angeles winters (hah). Açai (pronounced "ah-sai-ee") is a fruit ßconsisting of high energy, loads of antioxidants, and vitamins. Top off your bowls with strawberries, bananas, almond butter, coconut shavings, and a drizzle of honey...and you will be in tropical heaven. Some of my fav açai bowl spots are Açai Nation and Juice Crafters. One I am dying to try is Backyard Bowls

Avo Toast With a Side of Insta Post

Finally, I can't write an article on Los Angeles food slang without mentioning the holy grail menu item: Avo Toast. Known formerly as avocado toast, avo toast has made its way into almost every LA local's mouth, whether they are just saying the words or eating it. Walk into any trendy lunch spot, and if you don't know what to order, the avo toast is always a safe bet. My fav avo toast is from The Butcher's Daughter in Venice. They have a couple of options, but my tried-and-true is none other than the Angeleno. The Angeleno is topped with strawberry and corn salsa, burrata (something else I cannot live without), and chili oil. Spicy, sweet, and cheesy, it is the perfect combo. And no matter where you order some avo toast, it is always insta-worthy. 

Now that I have gone over the Los Angeles food slang basics, you can take a trip here and be one of the locals (just kidding, it is pretty easy to spot a tourist here!). But, LA has some of the best food the United States has to offer, and where else can you start a juice cleanse on almost every corner? Us Angelenos are truly blessed from the foodie gods, and we have a whole vernacular to express the LA food staples.