It's no secret that people in Los Angeles LOVE boba. But when there's a boba shop on every corner, it's pretty hard to stand out - unless you're Milk + T in Little Tokyo. "Why are people so obsessed with this place?" you may ask. Well, Milk + T is LA's first self-service boba bar that's changing the game in the boba scene with its high-quality ingredients and picture-perfect aesthetic.

The Experience

The first thing you'll be asked when you walk up to the counter to order is whether you want your drink in a 20-ounce plastic cup or a 16-ounce glass jar. There's no extra charge if you choose the glass jar, and you get to keep it and can bring it back for 10% future purchases! It might sound like there has to be a catch, but this is actually part of Milk + T's commitment to sustainability and efforts to achieve zero-waste by the end of 2018. 

Once you choose your cup, it's time to choose your flavor and sweetness level. Milk + T has three sections on its menu - milky, fruity/refreshing, and premium - and four sweetness levels - quarter (25%), half (50%), less (75%), and regular (100%).  With 13 options - from the Best Friend (green milk tea) to the Lady Bug (watermelon + strawberry black tea) to the Pink Panda (strawberry milk + cookies and cream ice cream) - there's something on the boba bar's menu to satisfy any craving. 

This is where the "build-your-own" part of the experience comes into play. After marking the flavor and sweetness level, the cashier hands you back your cup so you can fill it with all the mix-ins your heart desires. While many boba bars charge for each topping, Milk + T wants no part of that! Whether it's classic tapioca balls, lychee jelly, chia seeds, condensed milk, or tajin, at Milk + T you're free to build the boba of your dreams.

When you're satisfied with your mix-ins, leave your cup at the counter and let the Milk + T employees work their magic. They'll prepare your beverage using only the highest quality ingredients: real loose-leaf tea imported from Taiwan, real lactose-free milk, and handcrafted syrups made with real fruit and sugar.

Before you gulp down your custom, made-to-perfection drink, don't forget to snap a pic for the 'gram! The photo ops inside Milk + T are endless, from the iconic neon "#bobawasted" sign to the bobadrake cardboard cut-out. After all, "pics or it didn't happen," right?

Zia Bedi
Zia Bedi