Condensed milk is probably the stickiest, yet most delicious way to add sweetness to your food. Different from honey, condensed milk is also creamy and gives your food more dimension. To show my appreciation towards this pantry staple, I've created a list of my favorite foods to pair condensed milk with.

1. Shaved Ice

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Jasmine Lim

I grew up on eating home made shaved ice and I know that it would have never been complete if it weren't for the condensed milk that I drizzled (or more like poured) on top. The condensed milk adds all the sweetness you need to make your shaved ice delicious. I also like to accompany my shaved ice with grass jelly, longan, and boba - all of which go great with the condensed milk.

2. Vietnamese Coffee

Photo by frank mckenna | Unsplash

frankiefoto on unsplash

Coffee is a necessity as a college student, so why not love yourself and grab some vietnamese coffee, AKA the best caffeine option that showcases condensed milk in an amazing way.

Check out this easy recipe for vietnamese coffee and utilize your condensed milk tomorrow morning!

3. Avocado (Smoothie)

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Jessica Kelly

I grew up eating avocados with sugar but I learned this amazing combination from my roommates. If you add condensed milk to your avocado it will add that sweet flavor that is needed while still keeping in theme with the creamy texture that the avocado already possesses. 

And for when chewing feels overrated, you can also check out this recipe for an avocado smoothie with condensed milk as an alternative to eating just a plain avocado.

4. White Chocolate Brownies (Blondies)

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Jasmine Lim

This accompaniment is for all the white chocolate lovers all there, like myself. I personally believe white chocolate is even better than regular milk or dark chocolate, so whenever I had the occasional sweet tooth I automatically craved a blondie, or white chocolate brownie.

When baking sweets suddenly became a thing in my house, we experimented with a few recipes and my favorite was one that featured condensed milk, a recipe that combined two of my loves: condensed milk and white chocolate. 

5. Brick Toast & Ice Cream

Brick Toast was an after-school, after-practice must have when I was in high school. And the idea of brick toast with ice cream on a sunny day could not have been more appealing than it was after a long walk to the nearest shopping plaza (the days before anyone had a driver's license).

The best part of the brick toast, or sometimes referred to as honey toast, was that it could have condensed milk as well. This brick toast recipe features condensed milk and is sure to please your taste buds to the max. 

6. French Baguette

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina | Unsplash

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This is the classic combination that if you have yet to try, you need to right now. Such a simple combination, yet a combination that has made me happy on many occasions. Bread and condensed milk - basically a simplified alternative to the brick toast. 

This pairing is honestly my favorite because of how easy, yet delicious it tastes. The condensed milk acts as a better honey for your bread, in my opinion, and warm baguette adds the perfect crunch that is needed.