Tajin is a cult favorite, and I myself am absolutely obsessed. Now for those of you who might not have tried Tajin, it is a delicious seasoning that is salty, limey and slightly spicy. It is usually used on fruits such as mango and watermelon, vegetables, or a variety of other snacks.

While fruits and veggies are the usual snacks Tajin is used on, I tend to put Tajin on what feels like everything. I decided, why not write an article that tests out what can and can't be Tajin'd. This article will be your guide to what you simply must try with Tajin, and what you probably should not

1) Mini Chicken Tacos + Tajin

Lola Clark

Overall, definitely suggest trying with Tajin. If you haven't tried Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tacos in general, treat yourself and try them. Though they are very good on their own, the Tajin gives it an extra salty lime kick that they were lacking.

2) Tajin Guacamole

So after trying to make Tajin guacamole, it is hands down my new favorite snack. If you don't have a ton of spices handy or fresh lime, mashing avocado with some Tajin and a little salt makes a delicious, citrusy + salty snack.

Pro Tip: Add some garlic powder if you are feeling fancy for an added level of delicious flavor.

3) Strawberry Licorice + Tajin

Lola Clark

Ok, definitely try this if you like slightly sour or salty sweets. Just as Tajin is great on fresh fruit, it's even better on strawberry licorice. It makes the licorice slightly less sweet, and a little more tangy, making you want to just keep eating it all day.

4) White Cheddar + Tajin Popcorn

Lola Clark

Now this combo is no Tajin guac, but it's pretty darn good. If you like Tostitos Hint of Lime I definitely suggest giving this a try. It has all the tangy goodness of the hint of lime chips, with the added bonus of white cheddar, a combo reminiscent of Mexican corn on the cob. Trust me, it works.

5) Tajin Orange Chicken

Lola Clark

If you're one of those people that thinks orange chicken is just a little too sweet, definitely try sprinkling on a little Tajin. It turns the dish into a sweet and sour chicken of sorts, totally taking it to the next level.

6) Tajin Pickles

Lola Clark

Now this one wasn't as much of one of my favorites, but a friend of mine that loves Tajin swears by this snack. I think it is definitely better than plain ole pickles, and if you like pickles and Tajin, definitely give it a try.

7) Mango Mochi + Tajin

Lola Clark

Now I really had higher hopes for this combo. The problem was that the mochi itself wasn't great, and mixing the powdery texture of the outside with the grains of Tajin wasn't lovely. I think the flavors were there and if one tried it with a mango popsicle or sorbet I think they would definitely have better luck.

8) Dark Chocolate + Tajin

Lola Clark

Least favorite of the Tajin combos by far. I'm not saying don't try it, because it's definitely an interesting flavor combo, but this won't be becoming my new favorite snack anytime soon. If you are into citrusy or spicy chocolate, I would say give it a try.

And there you have it! A tried and true list of Tajin combos that might not be conventional, but that I definitely suggest you try. And if you want to, reach out to us to let us know your favorite Tajin combos!