It's an unfortunate fact of college life that many students don't have access to full kitchens. Thanks to the invention of the toaster oven, you can almost feel like you're in a kitchen at home with the help of a few toaster oven recipes. 

Many people don't know just how versatile their toaster ovens can be. It's not just for heating up bread, or only for breakfast, for that matter.

Here are some creative toaster oven recipes that will push the limits of what you thought was possible from that little but mighty appliance. 

Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

egg, bacon
Emily Hu

These one-bite cups put everything you like about breakfast in a hand-held option that's perfect for meal prepping and breakfast on the go. You probably already have the bacon, egg, and toast in your pantry to get going on this recipe

Sweet Potato Toast

sandwich, bread
Alex Frank

Using thinly-sliced sweet potato in place of traditional bread is a low-carb and more nutrient dense option. Thinly slice the sweet potato and toast it on medium and it's ready to hold whatever sweet and savory toppings you can think of. 

Savory Monkey Bread

dough, pastry, sweet, cheese, bread
Robert Arrasate

If you try this recipe, be prepared for meaty, cheesy goodness that your roommates will be dying to get their hands on. Using pre-made biscuit dough means even the most amateur of chefs can make this savory breakfast. 

Shakshuka Stuffed Avocado

Robert Arrasate

This recipe takes the egg-in-the-hole avocado breakfast one step further with a middle-eastern twist. Baking the avocado makes it even creamier and richer, which perfectly compliments the tangy sauce, gooey egg, and rich cheese. 

Homemade Poptarts

candy, dairy product, chocolate, cream, pastry, sweet, cake
Samantha Ho

This recipe is the perfect alternative to your beloved over-the-top sugary breakfast pastry. In just 20 minutes, you'll have your own homemade Pop Tarts, stuffed with the flavor of your choosing. 

S'mores Stuffed French Toast

cinnamon, cheese, bread, toast, cream, sandwich
Robert Arrasate

I don't know about you, but whenever summer rolls around, I find myself constantly craving s'mores. With this recipe, it's perfectly acceptable to have s'mores for breakfast any time of the year. 

Cookie Crisp Cereal

nut, sweet
Dylan Barth

Who doesn't love eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? With this recipe, you won't even have to make a special trip to the store. You can make your favorite childhood breakfast cereal from the comfort of your dorm. 

Veggie Chips

sweet, pumpkin
Sean Kitayama

A welcome departure from breakfast recipes, I'm sure, toaster oven veggie chips are a genuinely healthy alternative to your usual salty dorm snack. With a variety of veggie bases to choose from, you'll never get bored of making, and eating, this snack. 

Roasted Nuts

hazelnut, meat, cashew, nut
Kirby Barth

While Trader Joe's and Target both offer a huge variety of trail mixes to fit the sweet and salty combination you're craving, these roasted nuts are a 100% customizable option. You'll save money and be able to add exactly what flavorings you want. 

Caprese Chicken

Megan Prendergast

Making sophisticated dinners in a dorm kitchen can be nearly impossible. With this recipe, however, you can make an entree so delicious that everyone will be asking you where you bought it.

Broccoli Flatbread Pizza

meat, sauce, vegetable, pizza, tomato, cheese
Emily Hu

With this easy recipe, you'll find yourself saving a lot of money and calories. The best thing about making your own pizza is that you can add extra cheese or toppings to your heart's desire. 

Leftover Fried Chicken

Mackenzie Patel

This may not qualify as a recipe, but I'm sure that, as a college student, you'll appreciate its simplistic deliciousness. It's far too often that leftovers go uneaten because they get soggy. Use your toaster oven to prevent that tragedy!

Cinnamon, Ginger, and Brown Sugar Baked Grapefruit

jam, pizza, cake, pastry, sweet
Jocelyn Hsu

This recipe is a great healthy dessert alternative for your dorm room. Use your toaster oven to create a deliciously sweet creme brulee-like crust on the tart grapefruit. The ginger and cinnamon round out the dish with a spicy kick. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Boats

sweet, cereal
Thomas Sireci

This dorm room twist on a campfire classic brings back summertime memories of s'more banana boats. By ditching the chocolate and marshmallows for another classic childhood combo, PB&J, you can have this one for dessert or breakfast. 

Apple Cranberry Crunch

cereal, sweet, corn
Aerin Rosenfeld

This extremely versatile recipe is very forgiving of experimentation. Throw whatever flavors into it you're craving and your roommates will thank you. It's a delicious and healthy alternative to cake or pie. 

Toasted Coconut and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

peanut butter, butter, sweet, oatmeal, cookie, chocolate
Abigail Wang

I'm a huge sucker for this combination. The nutty coconut perfectly compliments the buttery white chocolate and you can add spices like ginger for a little extra zing. The best thing about this recipe is it's easy enough to whip up whenever your roommates need a pick-me-up. 

Coconut Macaroons

vegetable, pork, sauce, chicken, meat
Rachel Neiman

I wanted to finish out this roundup with a sweet classic that really needs no improvement. This recipe lets you make chocolate-drizzled coconut macaroons in your dorm with only five ingredients. In less than 30 minutes, you can be getting your coconut fix. 

With these toaster oven recipes, you now have no excuse to not cook, even when you're confined to a dorm room kitchen. Try them out and your friends are sure to be impressed.