Every macaroni and cheese recipe is special. This cheesy pasta goodness comes in many varieties, with an amalgamation of cheeses, pastas, mix-ins, and condiments that become a unique blend that is just as exquisite as the next. Whether you are a mac and cheese connoisseur or only eat it once in a while, mac and cheese in Kansas City at these neighborhood restaurants will give you a zest for mac and cheese you didn't know was possible.


Summit Grill

The seafood mac and cheese at Summit Grill is unmatched. The scallops, and shrimp give this mac and cheese a formal grandeur without a strong, fishy flavor. The cavatappi pasta coated and filled with the thick, creamy cheese sauce completes this delectable dish. Read more on why pasta shape matters for each sauce here

West 39th Street

Anna's Oven

Mac and cheese at Anna's Oven puts a fun spin on the traditional mac with radiator pasta and bread crumbs. The restaurant not only supports our stomachs, but supports education as well. Anna's Oven donates 50% of its profits to charities that support educational programs from Kansas City to Kenya.

While at Anna's Oven, browse these other fabulous restaurants on West 39th Street.

Power & Light District

BRGR Kitchen + Bar

Take the streetcar down to BRGR and customize your mac and cheese to your palate.

Take brunch to the next level with mac and cheese topped with hash browns and eggs at their Prairie Village and Leawood, Kansas locations.

South Kansas City

Jasper's Restaurant

Enjoy a meal fit for a president at Jasper's, an all-time Kansas City Italian favorite. Chef Jasper Mirabile, Jr. himself had the honor to cook his lobster mac and cheese for first lady Michelle Obama. She even took home leftovers on Air Force One

Check out another specialty mac and cheese recipe by Jasper (which unfortunately is not on his restaurant menu, but you can totally make at home) which uses Shatto Milk cheese curds here.

West Bottoms

EJ's Urban Eatery

Enjoy an espresso-rubbed smoked brisket from EJ's with a side of gooey mac and cheese baked to perfection.

Plaza area

Cafe Trio

Dig into this Missouri macaroni face first. Featuring penne pasta and baked cheese, the Mac Daddy at Cafe Trio is voted the best mac and cheese in Kansas City.

River Market


Beignet is famous for its authentic beignets, Southern food, and Cajun and Creole cuisine. But they also serve mac and cheese with a creamy 7-cheese fusion that will satisfy anyone's craving.

If you can't make it to the City Market, you can still get your mac and cheese fix with Beignet delivered to you via Postmates.


Wings Cafe

Put down the chicken wings and save some room for the mac and cheese. This mac and cheese may as well have come straight out of your home kitchen because it tastes like comfort.

Apart from the Northland location, Wings Cafe also has a location in the Westport area.


Extra Virgin

This spicy poblano mac and cheese at one of James Beard Award winning Chef Michael Smith's restaurants is a foodie's dream come true. 

A bite of this piquant mac and cheese is not only a kick to the lingua, but also a kick to hunger. Ordering the mac and cheese at Extra Virgin contributes to the Kick Hunger Challenge for hunger relief in alliance with the Taste of the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs


Café Gratitude

Yes, a vegan mac and cheese made the list. And yes, it looks and tastes delicious. The food and restaurant itself have an aesthetic that will make you want to 'Gram before you eat every time.

Everything at Café Gratitude revolves around sustainability, being environmentally friendly, and supporting local farmers, from their food to their waste and from their restaurant's farm to their decor. The restaurant roof is even equipped with solar panels, a jewel in their crown of self-sustainability.


The Westside Local

At The Westside Local, you get the farm-to-table experience, and the mac and cheese has a quality freshness you will savor.


Beer Kitchen

Beer Kitchen is admittedly the king of build your own mac and cheese in Kansas City. With add-ons ranging from caramelized onions to barbecue burnt ends, the combinations are endless.

Crown Center

Crayola® Cafe

Get your cray-on at the Crayola® Cafe! When you have this mac and cheese, you will truly understand why a crayon color named after mac and cheese is beyond necessary. 


Trezo Mare

Prefer gourmet mac and cheese? Trezo Mare's lobster mac and cheese transcends the taste buds.

Head out to your local restaurant or venture elsewhere on this list for the best mac and cheese in Kansas City. In every neighborhood, you will find this cheesy pasta worth every mouthful. KC lehgo.

Out of town? Try dozens of restaurant mac and cheese options in Dallas, Boston, D.C., NYC, Buffalo, Binghamton, Evanston, and every state.