Having a "culinary experience" is usually something people on T.V. travel far and wide for... and I too sometimes wish it were that way for me. However, it is not simply the edible fragments that create the elements of food but it is rather the appreciation of all aspects that really bring it all together. 

Our local eateries have indeed brought together many unique elements that are well worth appreciation. In Kansas City, the aesthetic, environment , and process for creating food at many places make an experience with food something more than just "eating". 

Here is a list of my top 8 aesthetic places in Kansas City serving up some of the most aesthetic food to remind you that you don't have to go far to find beauty that truly feeds the soul. 

1. Rozzelle Court Restaurant 

Located in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, this 15th century Italian courtyard inspired restaurant is one of the many breathtaking works of art the museum has to offer. Its profound architecture and overall lively environment transport your sensations to whole new level of aesthetic appreciation. 

Oh, also to mention, the food served is so artfully created that in the end of the whole experience, you have transpired to the level of a true Renaissance aesthete. 

2. Made in KC Cafe

Nothing beats a new coffee shop with a mission to encourage local coffee brand appreciation. Their coffee comes from KC coffee shops to engage customers in their local options. Additionally, the mix of urban decor with natural greenery vibes creates an atmosphere of warmth and life that simply speaks for itself.

3. Heirloom Bakery and Hearth

Shafaa Mansoor

Picture taken by medschoolcoffee

Shafaa Mansoor

Picture taken by medschoolcoffee

If you've ever wondered what a blooming, fertile secret garden looks like in restaurant form, search no further. The delicacies at Heirloom are provided in a rustic cabin type setting you'd expect to find in the middle of an abandoned magical forest. Just like their name implies, this bakery is indeed the hearth of the earth. 

4. Eden Alley Vegetarià 

This underground vegetarià serves some of the best fresh vegetarian and vegan food our city has to offer. Additionally, this eatery encourages conservation and waste reduction. It is a friendly environment for its customers...and also, creates an environmentally friendly place for our planet.

5. City Market Coffeehouse

A vibe of industrial steamy machines meets quirky intimate coffee-shop is something quite unique of an experience. At City Market Coffeehouse, there is never a dull moment where life around you isn't something interesting and worth appreciating. The same is exactly said for their thoughtfully made coffee and food. 

6. Cafe Gratitude 

"What are you grateful for?" is a constant theme that is reflected within the ambiance of Cafe Gratitude. You will even see it as you're eating from your plate, making you appreciate the beauty in the colors, food, flavors, and art that compose this intimate and raw experience. 

7. Ruby Jean's Juicery

Ruby Jean's is not my lover...OK she may not be but I most certainly am hers. Ruby Jean's is such a vibrantly soulful place that is intended to be an environment for purifying your thoughts and self with wholesome food and people. She is really like a supportive friend you can always count on and feel loved from. 

8. Messenger Coffee

Shafaa Mansoor

Picture taken by medschoolcoffee

And last but not least, I give you Messenger Coffee. This minimalist modern art of a shop is not only thriving in its aesthetics but also is in its actively local population that have made this such a social hot-spot. It provides a breath-taking view of our skyline from its patio, perhaps to remind us all of the beauty in the arts, diversity, and culture that is within our Kansas City.