Buffalo, NY is already home of the chicken wings, but we thought this All-American City might also be a good home for some mac 'n cheese. We tried four well known locations including one on UB's campus to find where we can get the best cheesy snack within a college budget.

The 716

pizza, macaroni, cheese
Jennifer Behrendt

The 716 is a restaurant downtown that embodies all things Buffalo. From the big sports screen, to the area code literally being the name of the restaurant, and there being two bars we clearly had to order the BUFFALO mac 'n cheese. This mac dish comes with swirly noodles and despite not being as creamy as the others, it was definitely very flavorful and savory. It  packs a punch with some heat and a crunchy topping.

If you're looking for a taste of Buffalo and craving some cheese, we've got the place for you. And completely perfect for that college budget your balling on at only $6!

Brick House Tavern + Tap

bacon, macaroni, sauce, penne, cheese, poutine
Jennifer Behrendt

Next up, we hit Brick House Tavern right around the corner from UB's North Campus. This bacon mac n' cheese was super cheesy and gooey. The shells held the cheese in and on top was crumbly bacon and bread crumbs. The combinations of each ingredient and the smell alone had us drooling. At just around $11, this large portion will most definitely fill you up.


Haley Kirkpatrick

This stuffed banana pepper mac 'n cheese from Mooney's was by far the cheesiest! There were 17 different choices of mac 'n cheese that took up a whole page of the menu. We couldn't pick just one dish, so we tried two. It's hard to believe that this is just a side order, costing only $8.50. In 2015, this mac dish won the Golden Noodle from Kiss 98.5 for best specialty mac 'n cheese and we definitely agree. So instead of staring at the picture dreaming of devouring such a cheesy dish, go do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some savory mac 'n cheese from Mooney's. 

UB Big Blue

Our last stop was back on UB's North Campus. The white cheddar mac is so good, sometimes you have to chase it down (literally!). The Big Blue food truck is home of the best mac you can get while staying on campus. It's only $5.75 which is the cheapest dish we tried. UB student's can pay using dining dollars or campus cash too. The white cheddar with Panko is hard to beat and if you aren't a vegetarian, we suggest springing for the pulled pork mac which adds another layer to savor.

Follow @ubbigblue and @ublittleblue on twitter to see where they are on campus and to check out their mac and cheese flavors.

We suggest if you are feeling adventurous, try making and creating your own mac 'n cheese masterpiece. You never know, it just might be a big, cheesy hit!