While I'm a firm believer that there's really no such thing as bad mac and cheese, in a big city like Boston it can get easy to get ~lost in the cheesy sauce~ and overwhelmed by all of the mac and cheese options. Therefore, I present to you the best mac and cheese in Boston (in no particular order) to help you out when you're lookin for some good comfort food

1. The Publick House

With over twenty add-ins to their already extremely cheesy mac and cheese, the Publick House in Brookline is a must. You can add in classics like bacon and broccoli, or mix it up and throw in some scallops or a fried egg. 

2. MMMac N Cheese

Located in Faneuil Hall, you can assume that a place named after mac and cheese won't disappoint, and you're right. If you're looking for a quick stop but you want some hearty, cheesy noodles, then MMMac N Cheese is the place to go. They have 10 different types of mac and cheese, like buffalo chicken and cajun, so everyone can get the flavor they're looking for. 

3. Boston Burger Company

If you're looking for a way to incorporate mac and cheese into another dish, look no further. Named the Mac Attack, and for good reason, the Boston Burger Company has a feature burger topped with mac and cheese that will absolutely blow you away.

4. jmCurley

The Cast Iron Mac and Cheese at jmCurley will not disappoint. When you picture the most beautiful mac and cheese in a skillet you've ever seen then you're probably thinking of something very similar to this dish. It's the pinnacle of comfort food and it is fabulous.

5. Cafeteria Boston

Props to you if you can spend the day shopping on Newbury and not go to Cafeteria for lunch, because I surely can't. And there's nothing better than carbo-loading on some mac and cheese after shopping your day away. This mac and cheese is the real deal. I remember the first time I saw a server carrying this dish past my table I HAD to order it because the sight and smell of it made my mouth water. 

6. The Capital Grille

I literally refuse to order lobster mac and cheese anywhere but the Capital Grille. It's cheesy and buttery and basically melts in your mouth. While it's meant to be a side dish, I could eat this mac and cheese for every single meal for the rest of my life. 

7. Stephanie's on Newbury

It's pretty much a guarantee that when you go to Stephanie's you're going to love whatever you order, and this definitely applies to the mac and cheese. It's a generous serving size for sure and the breadcrumbs on top make for the perfect crunch before you dive into cheesy goodness. They also won Best Mac and Cheese of Boston in 2013 so. Side note: how do I sign up to judge that contest? 

8. Scollay Square

One of the few locations that serves their mac and cheese in a bowl and not a skillet, Scollay Square still shines when it comes to mac and cheese. As evident in the photo, their lobster mac and cheese is amazing. And they definitely don't skimp on lobster portions, which is a huge bonus. Okay, so I lied. I would definitely cheat on the Capital Grille lobster mac with this one, just don't tell anyone. 

9. Ashmont Grill

This bowl of heaven from Ashmont Grill is exactly what you need in your life, trust me. It may not look like a lot, but with a dish this rich you know this portion will still leave you absolutely stuffed. Plus, as far as mac and cheese in Boston goes, this one is on the cheaper side so you're eating like royalty but not spending as much. 

9. MET Back Bay

You may have been to MET Back Bay for brunch and their famous bloody mary's, but what you may not know is that they have some amazing mac and cheese. Since it's basically a crime to make mac and cheese with only one type of cheese, MET Back Bay uses four cheeses in theirs and let me tell you, it shows. It's cheesy and delicious and everything you've ever wanted in a good mac and cheese. 

10. Tavern in the Square

If you're going for a night out drinking at TITS, you may want to do some carbo loading beforehand. My recommendation? Show up early and order their mac and cheese. You will not be disappointed. It has a potato chip crust that makes its crunch unique and tasty. 

11. Area Four

If you find yourself in Cambridge with a mac and cheese craving, head on over to Area Four. Their Cast Iron Mac and Cheese will not disappoint. They boast amazing food straight from the oven, and this mac and cheese definitely falls into that category. It's baked to perfection, with the perfect crust-cheese ratio. 

12. Cambridge Common

When you're looking for some mac but don't necessarily want the full meal, you need to go to Cambridge Common for their mac and cheese bites. They're fried on the outside to perfection and come with a ranch dipping sauce- and who doesn't love a ranch dipping sauce?! 

13. Union Street

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Tori Weber

Just a bit outside the city, you can get some of the best skillet mac and cheese you've ever had. At Union Street in Newton Centre, you get some amazing cheese with potato chip crust and great add-in items. I mean I'm talking duck confit in your mac and cheese. 

14. Olde Magoun's Saloon

What's better than skillet mac and cheese with a plethora of meat-toppings options? I'll answer that one for you- nothing is better than that. At Olde Magoun's Saloon in Somerville you can get a delicious helping of mac and cheese topped with short rib, kielbasa, chicken, chili, steak, pulled pork, or shrimp. Yeah, you read that right. 

15. Fenmore Grill

If you're swinging by Fenway to catch a game, you're not gonna want to miss stopping at Fenmore Grill for their mac and cheese. Made with a garlic cheese blend, this stuff is seriously the real deal. Plus, the restaurant has a great, fun, near-the-ballpark atmosphere. So with this dish and these vibes you're guaranteed to have a good time. 

As a college student living in Boston, sometimes it's nice to break free from the easy mac style of mac and cheese and get a bit of an upgrade. By the time I graduate, I fully plan on trying all of the best mac and cheese in Boston at least once.