When people ask me what traits I inherited from my parents, specifically my mom, one thing comes to mind: my obsession with cheese. I mean, what's not to love? Cheese instantly makes any dish more creamy, tasty, and more delicious. So, when cheese is combined with pasta, it's basically a masterpiece. I often find myself having trouble passing up on mac and cheese when I see it on a menu and as a result, I have found some of the best mac and cheese in Dallas.

1. East Hampton Sandwich Co.

East Hampton's lobster mac is truly the best bargain you'll find. Although offered as a side, the portion is generous and the lobster is plentiful. The lobster has a fresh taste, very complimentary to the smooth mac that it's paired with. If you need a quick, cheap fix, this is your place.

2. Nick & Sam's

Don't let the juicy steak fool you, Nick & Sam's mac and cheese gives the meat a run for its money. Mac and cheese is a staple side at any steakhouse, and a must order off the Nick & Sam's menu. Not only is it thick and creamy, but the bread crumbs add a whole other layer of texture for the perfect consistency in each bite. So, go for the steak, but stay for the mac.

3. The Common Table

The Common Table does this classic dish very well. At first glance, there is nothing special about it, but they truly use high-quality ingredients to take it up a notch. The smoked gouda gives the mac and cheese another level of flavor and will have you savoring every bite.

4. The Theodore

potato, egg, pie, cheese
Photo courtesy of The Theodore

I stumbled upon The Theodore by accident and was not disappointed. Their truffle mac and cheese was rich, creamy, but not too heavy whereas the dish was too much. I highly recommend making your way over to The Theodore. You won't be able to put your fork down.

Spoon Special: 25% off your meal at The Theodore (not on alcohol or tip) with an SMU ID.

5. Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove's lobster mac is an all time favorite of mine here in Dallas. The flavor profile is perfect as the gooey cheese does not over power the decadent lobster flavor. Each bite leaves you wanting another. Be sure to order enough when you're out with your friends because I promise you, it'll go fast.

Most of us probably grew up on boxed mac and cheese, but now the mac world has opened up so many new combos and possibilities. Next time you're craving the good stuff, take my suggestions on these dishes; you won't regret it.