Mac and Cheese is a true staple – we all love it and we all need it. Whether you're homesick for your favorite comfort dish or simply don't mind a particularly large cholesterol intake right now, get ready for some good-mood food all found in the nation's capital. Look no further for the 11 Best Mac and Cheese dishes in DC (including some awesome vegan options for all of those cheese lovers out there).

1. Founding Farmers

A D.C. classic, Founding Farmers never seems to disappoint. This handmade pasta features lobster in simply the best way. Organic and full of fresh ingredients, you have to try this meal if you're a fan of a little seafood in your mac and appreciate a real & sustainable eatery.

Name of Dish: Lobster Macaroni & Cheese

Estimated Price: $29


Didn't know D.C. had a Grilled Cheese bar? You're welcome. GCDC not only delivers, but they've been featured on the Travel Channel and The Food Network for how amazing they are. Honestly, you're destined to love a lot of dishes here, but don't skip out on the lunch option of building your own mac.

Name of Dish: Build your own Mac

Estimated Price: $8

3. Kenny's BBQ Smoke House

If you're a fan of mac as a side dish, you have to try Kenny's BBQ Smoke House (even Obama is a fan- he ate here one father's day). Made with gouda, you can't go wrong ordering this side accompanied by some BBQ.

Name of Dish: Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese

Estimated Price: $3

4. Pete's New Haven Style Pizza

With two locations in D.C. and one in Arlington, VA, you need to experience Pete's Pizza's 5 Cheese Mac. They deliver (!!) and have half-off pizzas every Monday. What's not to love?

Name of Dish: Designer Mac and Cheese

Estimated Price: $8

5. The Pig

Located in Logan circle, you have to try The Pig. Paired with Smoked Pork, the truffle crusted top goes perfectly at this restaurant that really does pork.

Name of Dish: Mac & Cheese Truffle Crust

Estimated Price: $7

6. NuVegan Cafe

Made with soy and wheat, this creamy and affordable side dish proves that comfort vegan food can be done right. NuVegan will blow your mind with their take on such a staple- despite it being made without any cheese. Also, try making your own vegan mac at home if are interested in more of this.

Name of Dish: Vegan Mac & Cheese

Estimated Price: $4

7. CIRCA at DuPont

This macaroni not only includes multiple different kinds of cheese, but it also features prosciutto- a salty, Italian ham- throughout the dish. Circa's take on mac and cheese is so delicious you'd think your grandmother made it.

Name of Dish: Five Cheese Macaroni

Estimated Price: $10.5

8. The Smith 

The Smith is new to D.C. and following its success in NYC, has finally graced the capital with this dish. Served on a skillet, enjoy this meal hot and creamy with it's crusted top. According to Spoon, this is one of The 25 Most Epic Macs in the country. 

Name of Dish: Mac & Cheese- Skillet Roasted

Estimated Price: $14

9. The Capital Grille

Prepared to share, this is another dish you cannot miss if you're a lobster lover. Prepared with bread crumbs and in a skillet, you must try the mac at The Capital Grille.

Name of Dish: Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese

Estimated Price: $19

10. Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats

Who knew there were so many options for vegans to enjoy mac and cheese? Sticky Fingers Bakery offers a phenomenal take on it. Try their cupcakes while you're there, too. See this eatery featured as one of the 15 Best Vegan Restaurants in DC, according to Spoon.

Name of Dish: Cheese Mac

Estimated Price: $3 cup/ $5 bowl

11. CapMac Food Truck

Would this list even be this list without CapMac? This food truck sourced with local and organic ingredients will not let you down. Follow them on social media or check this Food Truck Tracker to see where they'll be located today or book them for a private event. If you're not a huge fan of food trucks, see these 6 Reasons to Eat at a DC Food truck for convincing. 

Name of Dish: Classic Mac N Cheese

Estimated Price: $7.5

There you have it: The 11 Best Mac and Cheese dishes in Washington, DC. Don't be cheesy – try them all.