Mac and Cheese is the number one soul-food. It is creamy cheesy and a real treat. So, whether you like yours bake with four kinds of cheese or a ton breadcrumbs that is up to you. But I got you covered with a list of the restaurants that serve the best mac and cheese in NYC. 

1. S'MAC

If you cannot choose just one type of mac and cheese then hit up S'MAC with a bunch of friends because they have options galore. From a spicy cajun, to a basic four cheese they have it all. 

2. The Smith

The Smith is trendy brunch place that is very well known for it's mac and cheese. This delicious goody comes in a  piping hot skillet ready for you to eat. 

3. Murray's Cheese Bar

Murray's Cheese Bar has two types of mac and cheese. The first is their classic that is made up of a secret blend  of four cheeses and the other is a seasonal mac and cheese. 

3. Max Brenner 

Though Max Brenner is a chocolate shop, its mac and cheese is something people adore. The Really-Cheesy Shrimp, Chorizo and Truffle Mac & Cheese or Really-Cheesy Really-Crunchy Mac & Cheese are both options you can choose from before you dig into your chocolatey dessert.

5. Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro

You will literally go wild with the truffle and wild mushroom mac and cheese at Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro.  Each bite of the pasta melts into your mouth making you long for more. Thus, making it one of he best mac and cheese spots in NYC. 

6. Earls Beer and Cheese

Earls Beer and Cheese is a cheese lovers paradise. From gorgonzola grilled cheese, beer cheese NY state grilled cheese their menu is loaded and cheesy. But it is the mac and cheese with goat cheese, crispy rosemary with jumbo rigatoni shells that truly makes this place a class apart. 

7. Stanton Social 

The Social Mac and Cheese at Stanton Social is the ideal dish to order at this gourmet eatery. Along with it, order some cocktails such as the Sage Advice or Strawberry Fields to have a night you will always remember. 

8. Westville Chelsea

Westville Chelsea has a smoky Mac and Cheese that is just so, gouda. To take this mac and cheese to a whole new level add some bacon to it and you will not be disappointed. 


CATFISH'S mac and cheese is exquisite. It is baked to perfection with a culmination of Béchamel sauce, gruyere & white cheddar, scallions, crumbled zapp's "cajun crawtator" chips inside just waiting to be dug into.

10. Beecher's Handmade Cheese 

Beecher's Handmade Cheese is one of a kind indeed. From gluten free options to Mariachi Mac and Cheese it has it all. Thus, making it one of the best places for mac and cheese in NYC. 

11. Cafeteria 

Cafeteria is a 24 hour swanky diner that is nothing like your school cafeteria, I promise. You don't have to order a basic mac and cheese but can have mac and cheese spring rolls instead or get attacked by their selection of three called Mac Attack. 

12. Root and Bone

Roots and Bones has the best combination ever that you will see in a mac and cheese. It is prepared with big curly pastas, crunchy cheese and thyme crust waiting to be devoured. 

13. MacBar

MacBar is literally a mac and cheese bar that is mainly meant for takeout. You can choose from a cheeseburger mac, margarita mac, mac shroom' and more. 

14. Almond

The mac and cheese at Almond is legendary. The Le Grande Mac and Cheese consists of prosciutto, chopped truffles and as a finishing touch, it is garnished with truffle oil. 

So, the next time you are in search of some delectable comfort food, what better to indulge in than mac and cheese. Go crazy in one of these restaurants that serve the best mac and cheese in NYC.