If you have been on Westport street, you have probably seen the vibrant restaurants and flashy bars that make it such a popular location for Kansas citians and tourists alike. 

However, its close neighbor a street down, 39th street, has a cosmopolitan meets eccentric vibe that is within its own bubble. I used to live on this street and have experienced first hand a sense of community among its quirky and cryptic stores, and of course, indulged in the diverse range of restaurants.

Though I'd have to say there's quite a lot of places to eat at here, here's a list of 7 of 39th street Kansas City restaurants that I find contribute to this street's unique charm :

1. Aladdin Cafe

If you're in the mood for a mouth-watering shawarma sandwich, then Aladdin's is the perfect place to stop by. This perfect sandwich only gets better with its range of spices to excite your tongue along with refreshing herbs and a special sauce to balance it off. They also have a decadent array of vegetarian  options - my favorite being their stuffed grape leaves.

2. Bob's Wasabi Kitchen

This place can't get any more meta. With the main chef Bob creating Hawaiian-Japanese mixes of sushi rolls, sashimi, poke (which if you haven't tried, you should), and other masterpieces in his Wasabi Kitchen, it'll make you feel like you're a part of this 39th street Kansas City restaurant's ever going story.

3. Meshuggah's Bagels 

Shafaa Mansoor

With options ranging from German chocolate schmears to smoked salmon lox, you're basically never going to stop going to this bagel place. This restaurant's hearthiness paired with the authenticity of their Eastern European/New York style bagel make it a fitting restaurant in our journey through 39th street.

If you're indecisive about which bagel to get, the everything bagel has you covered with...everything.

4.  Friends Sushi and Bento Place

Friends Sushi and Bento is the friend you meet in college, keep in touch with to live through your triumphs and falls of life, and reminisce with as you age in your golden years. The food is so intimately made to touch your soul that by the time you're leaving, you'll always have a part of you feeling sentimental.

5. Tiki Taco

This taco joint is an unparalleled alternative to your late night Taco Bell runs. There is a multiplex of Mexican food, drinks and desserts- tacos, quesadillas, horchata, and churros just to name a few, that will delight your palate. Up for a zesty taste? Get the Chuppa- Cobb- Rah, an Elote street corn on the cob seasoned to perfection.

6. Room 39 

As you're walking down 39th street, you may find yourself contemplating life's mysteries and needing a cup of coffee along with some fine eatery to take comfort in. Room 39 is just the place for that sort of, you know typical day. 

7. KC Smoke Burger

If you live in Kansas City and haven't had a KC Smoke Burger, can you really call yourself a Kansas Citian? Their easygoing restaurant vibe goes perfectly with their tender, craftily made burgers. And the burger comes with an exclusive KC stamp logo to seal your final destination on this journey through these 7 unique 39th street Kansas City restaurants.