I love going apple picking. From getting the opportunity to spend time with your best friends to taking tons of Insta-worthy pictures, apple picking is one of the best things about fall. I always have one problem in the end; I never know what to do with all of those apples that I picked.

Here are a few apple recipes that you can make with all of those leftover apples. From breakfast eats and dessert treats all the way to savory dips and cheesy sandwiches, you'll definitely put all of your fall fruits to good use. 

#SpoonTip: Here's how you can use up 12 apples in one week. 

1. Apple Turnovers

pastry, bread, dough, sweet
Helena Lin

They're like adorably portable apple pies.

2. Fresh Apple Salsa

vegetable, pepper, corn, parsley, tomato, onion
Spoon University

Yes, you can still make a fresh and summery salsa in the fall. All you need is a few apples.

3. Apple Chips

apple, sweet
Christine Pritula

If potato chips were sweet, they would taste like this. You can even eat them with the apple salsa that you just made.

4. Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Apple Farro Salad

vegetable, parsley, corn, rice, pepper, legume, cereal, lentil
Katherine Baker

This looks amazing and it tastes even better.

5. Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Muffins

Katherine O'Malley

Imagine having one of these stashed in your bag to eat at your desk when you get to your internship. You could take these muffins anywhere. Or you could try these apple crisp-filled apples.

6. Slow Cooker Apple Cider 

apple, cider, juice, sweet
Susanna Mostaghim

If you don't wanna buy apple cider when you go apple picking, don't worry. You can make your own cider when you get home and you can even use the cider to make this cider donut bites.

7. Apple Pie Milkshake

cream, milk, chocolate, caramel, sweet, ice, cinnamon
Kevin Rodriguez

Hot apple cider isn't the only drink that you can have in the fall. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't drink a milkshake when it's cold.

8. Cinnamon Apple and Peanut Butter Breakfast Quinoa

meat, vegetable, rice, pork, sauce, beef, chicken
Spoon University

Use apples to turn quinoa into a sweet breakfast food.

9. Apple Spice Mug Cake

coffee, sweet, chocolate
Analiese Trimber

This recipe only takes two minutes, which will give you plenty of time to sort through all of the cute pictures you took while apple picking.

10. Apple Pie Roses

apple, cinnamon
Molly Gamache

These apple pie roses are so beautiful. They're almost too beautiful to eat – almost.

11. Apple Chickpea Hash

vegetable, parsley, onion, salad, broccoli, pepper, potato
Kendra Valkema

Apples aren't just sweet treats; they can be savory too. For another savory but sweet apple recipe, try this apple bacon-stuffed sweet potato.

12. Apple Cider Sangria

tea, apple, coffee, cider, cinnamon, juice
Spoon University

Turn this summer drink into a fall treat with some apple cider and a few apples.

13. Caramel Apples

caramel, cake, chocolate, caramel apple, candy
Spoon University

What's fall without a few teeth-ruining caramel apples? Nothing. Fall is nothing without caramel apples. Try this poison apple recipe to get into the Halloween spirit.

14. Apple Walnut Bars

chocolate, cake, sweet, pastry, cream, pie, cookie, candy, brownie, goody
Kendra Valkema

These will make for a great snack or an easy breakfast when you're late for class and on the go.

15. Apple Cinnamon Pie Cups

cream, sweet, milk, chocolate, dairy product, caramel, coffee, ice, pudding, yogurt
Susanna Tuan

There are so many ways to eat apple pie. Why not try it in a cup? If you still haven't had your fill of apple pie, try these mini apple pie crescent bites.

16. Spring Apple Salad

salad, vegetable, pepper, beet salad, lettuce
Shavonna Hinton

It's not spring but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy this salad.

17. Vegan Apple Pie Oatmeal

apple, cereal, porridge, oatmeal, milk, rice, yogurt, muesli
Letty DiLeo

I'm so happy that we can have pie for breakfast without being judged. You can also try this overnight crockpot oatmeal.

18. Warm Apple Pie Dip with Cinnamon Sugar Chips

This recipe will be perfect at a party or you can eat it at home all by yourself while you watch Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween Marathon.

19. Apple Tart

Davi Lennon

If you're not into tarts, you should try these caramelized apple crepes.

20. Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese

sandwich, cheese, bread, toast
Emily Bloch

A life-changing grilled cheese will be so comforting while you're wrapped in tons of blankets.

21. Apple Carrot Juice

beer, ice, tea, juice, cocktail, liquor, wine, alcohol, iced tea
Spoon University

Here is a juice recipe – you know, just in case you want to be healthy this fall.

22. Apple Peanut Butter Almond Toast

You could put literally anything on some toast and it would still be amazing. This prosciutto cream cheese apple toast is also pretty bomb.

23. Autumn Sangria

apple, sweet, juice
Rebecca Buchanan

This boozy autumn drink will keep you cozy and help you use up some of those apples.

24. Apple Dutch Baby Pancakes

pie, apple, cream
Isabella Altherr

Dutch babies are also called German pancakes and they just might give American pancakes a run for their money.

25. Apple Tart

You can impress all of your bougie friends by making this beautifully elegant apple tart.

26. Hasselback Apples

sweet, chocolate, pork
Paige Marie Rodgers

Have these Hasselback apples as a dessert after you have a Hasselback potato.

27. Fried Apple Rings

Apples are pretty good on their own, but everything tastes better fried, right?

28. Loaded Peanut Butter Apple Slices

sweet, chocolate, nut, candy
Mulin Xiong

These apple slices are super easy and quick to make. Also, they have the added bonus of being the perfect pre or post-gym snack.

29. Turkey Apple Sausage

Claire Waggoner

If you're like me and you don't eat pork then you know the struggle of not being able to find good turkey sausage. Solution: make your own and throw in some apples for a sweet twist.

30. Apple Pie Taco

Photo by Paige Marie Rodgers

#TacoTuesday just got a billion times better because now we can have tacos as dessert too.

31. Pumpkin Spice Apples

vegetable, pasture, corn
Molly Stein

If you absolutely can't survive any amount of autumn without pumpkin spice, then put some on your apples–you won't regret it.

Pumpkin spice is all right but apples are a true classic, especially during fall. Take a break from all of the pumpkin spice mania and have a few apples this fall. Besides, cute apple picking pictures are much better than tons of pictures of your Starbucks cup.