Yesterday afternoon, the TCU Horned Frogs defeated the University of Texas Longhorns 31-9. Although we've had some rough patches this season, I knew our boys would come out on top for this game. And with victory, comes celebration. In order to celebrate this win over one of our biggest rivals, use these purple food recipes to show how much you bleed purple. 

1. Lavender Herb Butter

dairy product, cream, milk, sweet, bread
Halley Rose Meslin

This Lavender Herb Butter is the perfect spread that'll add a flowery hint to any of your carb cravings. 

2. Blackberry Coconut Macaroons

sweet, cake, chocolate, candy, cream, goody
Alia Wilhelm

Any sweet victory needs to end with some sweets. These Blackberry Coconut Macaroons will surely hit the spot. 

3. Creamy Blueberry Avocado Smoothie 

blueberry, smoothie, yogurt, berry
Jessica Farber

Smoothies are great because you can pigment them as much as you want. Add a ton of blueberries into this Creamy Blueberry Avocado Smoothie to create the perfect TCU purple food. 

4. PB&J Pancakes 

jam, pancake, butter, raspberry
Alyssa Modos

You can just scratch the peanut butter out of this PB&J Pancake recipe. Purple jam out beats orange peanut butter any day. 

5. Raspberry Brie Pie Pops 

sweet, candy
Elise Fegler

In need of a snack on the run? These Raspberry Brie Pie Pops are perfect for walking around the Commons or the Amon G. Carter Stadium on TCU's campus. 

6. Slushy Sangria 

jam, berry, gelatin, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cream, sweet, marmalade
Kelly Logan

It's not a party without some booze. Make this Slushy Sangria with friends when you're talking over each winning play of the game. 

7. Blueberry Blackberry Jam

jam, grape jelly, marmalade, berry, jelly, blueberry, gelatin
Kiana Lei Yap

Jam is perfect for everything and it pretty much last forever. Make this Blueberry Blackberry Jam once and you'll probably be set for the next 5 years of TCU victories. 

8. Açaí Bowl

sweet, strawberry, milk, muesli, berry, yogurt, cereal, corn
Megan Clarkson

Açaí bowls may be one of the only things that are just as satisfactory as winning. As easy as they can be to buy, try making this purple food on your own

9. Lavender Lemon Cookies

cookie, chocolate, sweet, cake, candy, tea
Emily Swingle

The next time you are celebrating with your TCU friends, whip up a batch of these Lavender Lemon Cookies. You'll be the fan favorite for sure. 

10. Whole Wheat Berry Muffins

muffin, chocolate, sweet, pastry, cake, cookie, blueberry, goody, raisin muffin, blueberry muffin
Jinna Hatfield

Of course the TCU athletes have to make sure they follow a healthy diet for optimal performance. Follow in their footsteps by baking some of these Whole Wheat Berry Muffins. 

11. Blueberry Crisp

cereal, wheat, sweet, oatmeal, porridge, corn
Hannah Giardina

This Blueberry Crisp recipe is perfect if you are not the best baker. All it requires is some simple ingredients, mixing, and layering. After that you're good to go. 

12. Purple Tacos 

salad, avocado, cabbage
Julia Maguire

It's not Texas without tacos and it's not TCU without being purple. Add a little TCU twist by switching out the tortilla for purple cabbage to create purple tacos. The best thing about this is that this purple food has a natural color.

13. Cherry Berry Pie 

tart, berry, blueberry, pie, blackberry, crust
Kristin Brennan

The mixture of berries in this Cherry Berry Pie runs together to make a TCU-worthy purple. This grandma-approved dessert goes great with those post-win feels. 

14. Shrub 

blackberry, berry, sweet, jam, juice
Julia Murphy

Another drink to cheers with, this blackberry rum and vinegar cocktail is what you should use to celebrating the game before the weather gets too cold. 

15. Blueberry Crumb Bars 

sweet, chocolate, blueberry, pastry, cookie
Alia Wilhelm 

Thank God that blueberries actually are purple because these Blueberry Crumb Bars make the perfect TCU-approved treat. 

16. Rugelach Cookies

sweet, pastry, dough
Amanda Shulman

Calling all of my TCU pastry chefs, if you are in for the challenge make these Rugelach Cookies and fill them with your favorite berry jam—shout out to the Blueberry Blackberry Jam above.  

17. Berry Parfait

ice cream, cake, cream
Alexa Santos

If you're not really feeling the kitchen too much, you can make this easy Berry Parfait by laying some granola, blueberries, and yogurt. 

18. Lavender Lemonade 

lemonade, lemon, juice, milk, ice, cocktail
Morgan Nielsen

This Lavender Lemonade might just be as refreshing as the win against University of Texas. 

19. Blackberry Grilled Cheese

toast, cheese, bread, bacon
Jackie Kuczynski

There's grilled cheese, then there's blackberry grilled cheese. Never settle for anything less than extraordinary by making this recipe to indulge in. 

20. Almond Rainbow Cookies

cake, chocolate, peanut
Jenny Georgieva

Sure, you may have to sacrifice adding some blue and red to complete these Almond Rainbow Cookies, but at least there is no orange.

21. Homemade Blueberry Pop Tarts 

jam, cream, berry, cheese, cake, raspberry, cheesecake, strawberry, gelatin
Amanda Shulman

Why buy at the store when you can make it homemade? Try out this Homemade Blueberry Pop Tarts if you're ready to taste the real thing.

22. Razzmatazz Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

bacon, peanut butter, peanut, butter
Maddie Lanier

If you just happen to have some Raspberry liqueur laying around, you should consider using it to make some Razzmatazz Cheesecake Swirl Brownies. If you don't have some around, the store is right around the corner, you know. 

23. Blueberry and Sprite Pancakes

pancake, syrup, butter, cake, maple syrup, sweet
Dylan Barth

This Blueberry and Sprite Pancake recipe is perfect if you are all about experimenting in the kitchen. Try it out on your TCU friends to see if they can actually tell that they are made with Sprite.  

24. Purple Sweet Potato Pie

sweet, cream, cake, chocolate, candy, pastry, goody
Arden Sarner

If you are not hypnotized by the color of this Purple Sweet Potato Pie, I am not too sure how much of a TCU fan you are. 

25. Blueberry and Meyer Lemon Scones

sweet, chocolate, cookie, goody, pastry, cake, scone
Julia Liang

If you are sick and tired of your same old morning routine, try mixing up some Blueberry and Meyer Lemon Scones. It may take some more time, but they are definitely worth it. 

26. Purple Sweet Potato Fries

vegetable, meat, beef
Kristine Mahan

If you are more of a savory person, try baking some of these Purple Sweet Potato Fries. Not only do they taste good, they are also a better alternative to French fries. 

27. Blueberry Cake

cake, chocolate, bread, raisin, sweet, pastry
Abigail Laurence

It's not a true celebration without blueberry cake. If you're still feeling the purple, make some purple frosting to top it off—just add some purple food coloring to this frosting recipe

28. Modern Eskimo Ice Cream

blueberry, berry, yogurt, sweet, cream, milk, dairy product
Lorcan Cannon

This Modern Eskimo Ice Cream is a must if TCU get's snow this winter. Although it's little different, this ice cream may make you rethink why you will pay $5 for a pint of ice cream at the store. 

29. Blackberry Lime Cupcakes 

cream, cranberry, chocolate
Claire Tromblee

Sweet goodness, these Blackberry Lime Cupcakes are to die for. It's literally oozing with purple goodness. 

30. Purple Yam Sweet Buns

bread, sweet, pastry, cake
Catherine Vo

From the outside, they look like ordinary sweet buns. With one bite, these Purple Yam Sweet Buns turn into something entirely different. Tell your guests about it, or don't. 

31. Berry Oatmeal 

rice, black beans, cabbage
Dina Zaret

Why go for boring old oatmeal when you can go for TCU purple oatmeal. It's all about throwing in some berries, but if you need a recipe, here you go

Don't worry if there are too many purple recipes you want to try. TCU's next game is Saturday, December 3 at 11 am against Kansas State. It's a home game, so you can make many batches of different foods for your last tailgate of the season. 

I'm so proud of the Frogs for pulling out such a great win, I'm just really glad we didn't have too much higher of a score.