It's the common narrative everyone knows: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You've said it, your friends say it, your mom says it, so where should you get it? But we're not just talking any breakfast. We're talking the best type of breakfast: pancakes. After extremely extensive, and somewhat tedious, research, I have found the best place to get pancakes in every state. You'll never have to Google this again.

Alabama: Waysider Restaurant 

A place that serves their pancakes in the shape of an elephant. Is this real life?

Alaska: Kava's Pancake House

They serve these bad boys all day, every day. Even when you're craving more of a "real meal" maybe later on in the day, you can get pancakes on the side! 

Arizona: St. Francis

The bougiest of pancakes, St Francis pancakes are moistened with olive oil, mixed with chunks of dark chocolate, and unlike the rest, baked in an oven to perfectly char the edges, but also keep the inside nice and soft. To top it off, it’s adorned with caramelized apples, maple syrup (of course) and fresh whipped cream. 

Arkansas: The Pancake Shop

Some may say bigger isn't always better, but when it comes to pancakes make 'em large! The Pancake Shop is known for their 12-inch pancakes that are worth every bite. 

California: Jacks 'N Joe

An Elvis Presley peanut butter and banana pancake? Pineapples and coconut? They even have a "freeform" abstractly designed pancake, that while might not be flavored, is certainly unlike the rest!

Colorado: Snooze

Not only does Snooze have a wide variety of types of pancakes to choose from, but it even has an option where you can pick three out of the many options and get all three pancakes on one plate! Maaaaajor key.

Connecticut: Elm Street Diner

Don’t be fooled by it’s ‘diner’ title, this place is way more than just a diner. Known for its pancakes, Elm Street Diner offers nearly a dozen different types of pancakes! Bonus points: they are also known for their milkshakes — a great complement to a nice fluffy pancake! 

Delaware: Kaisy's Delight

Not your '"American Pancake, Kaisy’s specializes in Austrian pancakes (it’s kind of like a pancake but in smaller, less shaped pieces). It's like build your own fro-yo, but with pancakes

Florida: Eating House Miami

You had me at Captain Crunch pancakes. 

Georgia: Ria's Bluebird

They claim it's so famous because of the "sifted cake flour." Considering Ria's Bluebird has been named best pancakes by the New York Times, I'd listen to what they have to say.


Hawaii: Aloha Kitchen

Cake by the ocean, yes please. 

Indiana: Uptown Cafe

Who would've thought Indiana would be home to such innovative food? Uptown Cafe is known for their cottage cheese pancakes-- the locals love 'em

Idaho: Moe Joe's Breakfast Eatery

It's not only the land of the potatoes. Moe Joe's Breakfast Eatery is known for making quite the stack of pancakes, including doughnut pancakes. It’s a tall stack of pancakes with glazed icing, candied almonds, and coffee syrup. 

Iowa: Leaf Kitchen

Voted best restaurant in all of Iowa, Leaf Kitchen slays the pancake game. Aside from the classics, you can order granola pancakes, with granola mixed into the batter and candied almonds and warm syrup on top. I know right— delicious!

Kansas: The Big Biscuit

The Big Biscuit combines two of the greatest carb loaded foods on the planet into one: pancakes and cinnamon buns. I had to break the ‘no chain restaurants’ rule for this one! These pancakes are literally like flat cinnamon buns, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Kentucky: Bluebird 

Bluebird is known not only for its amazing pancakes (and amazing food in general), but for being farm-to-table and having all of its ingredients locally grown. Imagine that, eating amazing pancakes and supporting local businesses and the environment. 

Lousiana: Stanley

Going for pancakes in New Orleans instead of French toast would literally be a felony, so we had to make an exception here. Stanley is known for its banana foster French toast, which is acclaimed to be the best in Louisiana. Moist and sweet challah toast, caramelized bananas and nuts, and all drowned in syrup. My mouth is watering writing about this. 

Maine: Marcy's

If you ever find yourself homesick in Maine, in need of some home-cooking, Marcy’s is the place for you. These pancakes run on the thicker side, but are doused in no shortage of butter. And in case that wasn’t enough, they come with a side of an egg over easy, hash brown, and a slice of ham. 

Maryland: Double T Diner

These pancakes are said to be so good putting syrup on them would actually ruin them. And, Double T is open 24/7 so you can get these flapjacks whenever you so please. 

Massachussetts: Ribelle

Ribelle adds a fun twist to their pancakes by making light ’n fluffy sourdough pancakes. They then top these pancakes with delicious seasonal ingredients: butterscotch ground cherries, Maine blueberries, caramelized white chocolate, and pictured above are lime pancakes. Talk about original. 

Michigan: The Leslie Depot

Gotta ditch the diet at The Leslie Depot for their sugar stuffed pancakes. Yes, you read that correctly, sugar stuffed. It may feel like eating candy for breakfast, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Minnesota: Red Cow

A self-proclaimed ‘non-pancake lover’ raves about Red Cow’s red velvet pancakes. These pancakes are dipped with bananas and peanut-butter cream cheese and the doused in some bacon-maple syrup. A true symphony of flavors, but one even non-pancake and pancake lovers alike can share! 

Mississippi: Another Broken Egg

These pancakes are a local favorite and come in just about every way imaginable. They even have gluten-free batter for your non-gluten eating friends. 

Missouri: Herbi

Herbies puts a fun, cultural twist on the classic pancake by making the French pancake. These come served in a skillet and have the berries added on top towards the end of their cooking. Though different, the consistency is still to die for and Herbie’s makes a pancake du jour with different flavors and toppings every month! 

Montana: Stella's Kitchen

Craving that huge, diner style pancake, with a hearty slab of butter on top? Stella’s has got you covered.

Nevada: Green Gataeu

At Green Gataeu's you don't need Hannukah as an excuse to eat a potato pancake. Get them with an egg sunny side up for an extra hearty breakfast.

New Hampshire: Polly's Pancake Parlor

A state famous pancake joint with tons of different batters and add-ins. Their batter is so good they sell the mix too! 

New Jersey: PJ's Pancake House

A personal favorite— these pancakes are truly above the rest. Beyond from their extensive menu, PJ’s pancakes are the way all pancakes should be made: light and fluffy. Honestly, PJ’s could go for best pancakes in the world. They’re that good. 

New Mexico: The Grove Cafe and Market

A nice and bougie joint in the middle of the dessert. The Grove Cafe is said to serve up some "heavenous" pancakes. 

New York: Vinegar Hill House

These pancakes are everything a pancake should be. The perfect balance between light and fluffy and hefty and dense. A little crumby, but still a cake. Leave it to Brooklyn to make the right pancake.

North Carolina: Tupelo Honey Cafe

The signature dish at Tupelo Honey is their sweet potato pancake. Topped with peach butter and spiced pecans, you can’t miss this one!

North Dakota: Darcy's Cafe

Darcy’s pancakes are said to be so good, they’ll immediately put a smile on your face. 

Ohio: The Angry Baker

The Angry Baker’s pancakes in general are great, but they even cook up some delicious vegan, oat flapjacks. Yummy and healthy! 

Oklahoma: Flint

Flint is known for serving up buckwheat pancakes with brown sugar, and rum flambéed bananas. A fun twist on a breakfast classic. 

Oregon: Broder PDX

Imagine if you had a pancake, rolled it up into a ball, and then fried that ball and basically had a pancake donut? Well that’s exactly what they do at Border PDX serving Dutch pancakes with a side of raspberry jam and lemon curd. They also have regular pancakes too, but I would go for those pancake donuts

Pennsylvania: Honey's Sit 'N Eat

The classic breakfast and brunch dilemma is to go sweet or to go savory? At Honey’s Sit ’N Eat they save you the trouble by making a bacon and egg sandwich with pancakes as the bread. It’s menu name is "The Breakfast Bomb" and it’s pretty clear why.

Rhode Island: The Duck and Bunny

The cutest little place in the cutest little state serves the best pancakes in the state

South Carolina: Toast!

Toast! is a breakfast favorite in Charleston, so it’s no surprise they’re said to serve up amazing pancakes too!

South Dakota: Roll'N Pin

Roll’n Pin has been serving breakfast for 40 years, so it’s safe to say when it comes to pancakes they know what they’re doing. 

Tenesse: Sky Blue Cafe

Leave it to Nashville to find a way to one-up the pancake. Sky Blue has banana and Nutella french toast stuffed pancakes. What does that mean exactly? Imagine a French toast sandwich with pancake bread. A truly epic play.

Texas: Counter Cafe

Counter Cafe finds a way to combine the two rivaling restaurant types: farm to table and greasy, home-cooking. Their pancakes do not disappoint. Locally picked ingredients served the way they should be. 

Utah: Five5eeds

chocolate, cream, cake, sprinkles
Elizabeth Philip

As beautiful to look at as they are to eat. Seriously, just look at these!

Vermont: Sugar & Spice

When you're eating pancakes in the land of maple syrup, you know they've gotta be good. 

Virginia: Roanoker Restaurant

Once you go Roanoker, you never go back.

Washington: Pellegrino's Italian Kitchen

Pellegrino’s specialty is lemon ricotta pancakes, but they don’t stop there. Pancakes are also served with two eggs any style and a choice of breakfast meat. Talk about a hearty way to start the day! 

West Virginia: Harding's Family Restaurant

A classic family-style restaurant that knows how to make pancakes.

Wisconsin: Marigold Kitchen

Marigold Kitchen makes their pancakes a little bit more bread-like and the batter is made a day ahead of cooking. Whatever they're doing, it's working. 

Wyoming: E.Leaven

Simple, but amazing. And to add on, you get to enjoy these pancakes looking out onto the Teton mountains. Doesn’t get much better. 

As you can tell, there are amazing places to get pancakes all across the country. Maybe this post will inspire a cross country road trip!