There's finally hope for those of us who take a lazy day and wake up at 12, only to find that there's no more breakfast on the menu. You and your fellow Canadians are now finally be able to get breakfast at any time of day—or night. McDonald's Canada launched their all-day breakfast menu Tuesday, February 21st, and A&W extended their own breakfast offerings starting the Monday after. 

As these tweets show, this change has been a long time coming:

Choices, Choices

McDonald's has launched their new web page showing off their breakfast offerings, which include hotcakes, McMuffins, and hash browns. Unfortunately, the McGriddle isn't one of them, which has led to a few complaints on social media:

A&W launched with much less fanfare. They announced in a press release that they'll be offering their Breakfast Wrap, hash browns, and their Bacon & Egger, Sausage & Egger, and Cheese & Egger breakfast sandwiches. They hope to have it in 95% of their 879 restaurants by the spring.

So the next time you're craving pancakes for dinner, there's no more need to resist. Nobody's judging.