When people think of Vermont, they instantly think of hiking, fall leaves, and maple syrup. The thing is there are a bunch of maple products that taste just as good as maple syrup, that nobody knows about. The best part is theses are acceptable to eat in public and not just on waffles.

Jelly Beans


Photo courtesy of mommatoldmeblog.com

For me, nothing can beat pomegranate Jelly Belly jelly beans, but these come close. Not only are they sweet, they also have a rich maple flavor.

Maple Butter


Photo courtesy of williamsfarm.ca

Maple butter is a great spread to add to your morning toasts. Or if you’re feeling a little productive that morning spread it on your pancakes, waffles, or french toast.

Smoked Maple Cocktail Ice


Photo courtesy of drinkhacker.com

This is a liquid drink that is added to rum, bourbon, tequila, scotch or vodka. It’ll make any fall themed party a success.

Maple Fudge


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Fudge and maple, do I need to say anymore? Fudge is the perfect thing to bring to a Friendsgiving when you want to spend a little extra time in the kitchen.

Maple Pecan Porter


Photo courtesy of dailybeerreview.com

Samuel Adams makes a maple porter from the maple from Vermont, with a little pecan taste. This is the perfect thing to bring to your next tailgate.

Maple Marshmallow


Photo courtesy of munchinwithmunchkin.com

These maple marshmallows will kick your s’mores into a whole new level. Even though s’mores are mostly a summer thing, with a quick s’mores dip recipe you can make these maple marshmallow smores all year long.

Maple Lollipops


Photo courtesy of youtube.com

These lollipops are made from pure maple syrup from the concentration from the maple syrup sugar.

Maple Bacon Candle


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Let’s face it, dorm rooms smell like Chinese food and coffee. Sometimes the scent of maple bacon is the perfect sweet and savory smell.

Cotton Candy


Photo courtesy of clarkpointinn.com

Remember that pink and blue cotton candy you got at the fair, and you thought nothing would ever taste better? Well, this cotton candy will make you fall in love all over again.

Maple Soap


Photo courtesy of girottifamily.typepad.com

Now, instead of using your Chanel number five in the morning, all you need to do is use this maple soap in the shower. You will be smelling sweeter than ever.