Although Rhode Island may be small in comparison to Texas or Cali, I'm sure it could give those states a run for their money in the food department. Every square mile of Rhody is filled with trendy joints, from Italian food that you swear was imported straight from Italy to hole-in-the-wall delis. Here are the best restaurants in Rhode Island, and don't worry, the state is so small you'll only have to travel 45 minutes maximum to try out one of these babies. A lot of the gems land in the capital of Rhode Island anyways.

Pick out the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert that sound best to you and spend a day eating around Rhody. 

For Breakfast:

Olga's Cup + Saucer 

Olga's Cup + Saucer is a little cafe in the heart of Providence. You can pick up out-of-this-world seeded bagels and pastries or take a seat in the garden to have a toad-in-the-hole egg. 

Nick's on Broadway

If you happen to roll out of bed a little later than expected, then head to Nick's on Broadway in Providence for brunch. Their entrees are the perfect mix between sweet and savory and can be enjoyed with bottomless mimosas.


PVDonuts is in the industrial part of Providence, surrounded by metal scrapping companies. This doesn't stop customers from lining up out the door and around the whole building. I highly suggest the homemade munchkins with the shot of rum simple syrup. 

Cool Beans Cafe

If you're in the Ocean State, you better enjoy a breakfast on the beach. Grab an açaí bowl and your favorite coffee at Cool Beans in Narragansett and take the short walk from the cafe to the beach. 

The Duck & Bunny 

The Duck & Bunny has a classic French menu. They offer afternoon teas and cigars, but of course sweet and savory crepes, too. If you're not down for French food, Wickenden Street (where the restaurant is located) has lots of great options.

Bagel Gourmet Ole (AKA BGO)

This place has super chill vibes and quick service. Grab a bagel however you wish when you're in a rush and you will not be let down. Explore and taste test the other good food on Thayer Street while you're there. 

For Lunch: 

Haruki East 

sauce, sushi
Lucy Carlisle

Haruki has locations in Cranston and Providence. If you're looking for a sushi joint, this is the place to go. The different sushi options seem endless—I swear the menu is six pages long. Tuna crisp is a must-have though!

Garden Grille 

Garden Grille is a vegetarian restaurant that will make everyone happy, vegetarian or not. Everything is packed with flavor and food that's super healthy. My personal faves are 'Reggie's Raw Heaven Salad' and the 'Roasted Butternut Squash Quesadilla.' 

Brass Monkey 

The Brass Monkey is a classic lunch spot. They have yummy sandwiches, pizza, and hamburger options, as well as a solid drink menu that'll make anyone happy. 

Trattoria Zooma 

Trattoria Zooma is a great Italian lunch option on Federal Hill. Federal Hill is the epitome of great Italian food in Rhode Island. The gnocchi will rock your world!

Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches 

Geoff's is a cute joint in Providence that serves every sandwich combo under the sun. If they don't have it on the menu, you can make your own unique combo with hundreds of different options to choose from. 

Harry's Bar & Burger 

Harry's is a meat lover's paradise. The options are burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs paired up with a nice brew. You will enjoy it, no doubt. 

For Dinner: 

Al Forno 

Al Forno is always packed because it's so damn addictive. No reservations are needed, but it's definitely not inexpensive, so keep that in mind. My favorites are the 'Five Cheese Baked Pasta' and the 'Native Apple Crisp.' I feel like I'm speaking for a lot of Rhode Islanders when I say this: this restaurant is a 10 out of 10.  


Figidini is in a very hip part of Downtown Providence. The ambiance of this restaurant is a definite hit and the menu is amazing. Their wood fired pizza is to. die. for. 

Milk Money 

Milk Money is a rustic-chic restaurant with a very unique menu. You can get anything from 'Cast Iron Swordfish' to 'Nian Gao Noodles' to 'Black Pepper Pappardelle.' You will be pleasantly surprised. 

Waterman Grille 

Waterman Grille is located along the edge of the river that the Brown University crew team practices on. It's pretty satisfying to have them fly by when you're enjoying a nice dinner. Oysters are on point at this restaurant. 

Venda Ravioli 

If you want the best Italian in Rhody, this is the place to go. The ravioli is obviously mouthwatering (as it's part of the restaurant's name), but any pasta dish will leave you feeling satisfied.

Rooftop at the 

The Rooftop portion of G Pub offers great drinks and lounging for a night when you have a smaller appetite. Being on a rooftop in the heart of Providence is nothing less than magical. I suggest ordering a few side plates with your date (go for the fried artichokes and oysters if you're stuck!) and a cocktail. 

Midtown Oyster Bar 

This Oyster Bar lays on the most husslin' street in Newport– Thames Street. There are plenty of restaurants, boutiques, dessert options, and ocean views on this street, so you will be sure to get your fix in. 

Pasta Beach 

Yup, Pasta Beach in Newport and Providence is exactly what it sounds like–heaven on earth. Endless pasta, pizza, and more Italian options. Be sure to order the Nutella pizza for dessert. 

Jamestown FiSH

FiSH offers casual-chic dining with–obviously–dope seafood options. There is a stunning view of the Newport Bridge just across the street from this restaurant. 

For Dessert: 


You can't go wrong with any dessert you order here. Whether it's chocolate-covered strawberries or a slice of their fruit tart. They also have awesome lattes and hot chocolates that can substitute as a good night cap. 

Ellie's Bakery 

This is a little bakery inspired by the Parisian way of life. Stop in for some pastries or macarons. If you get lucky, they'll have their ice cream macaron sandwiches, which are to die for. If they're not in stores, I suggest searching the streets of Providence for their food truck because they're that good. 

Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that's known for their homemade ice cream. They switch up the flavors seasonly and craft some pretty creative flavors. A popular one is 'Dirty Garden Mint.'


Momo is in the heart of Providence and is a little-known gem. You can order dessert crepes, but their rolled ice cream is delish.