Sometimes you just need pancakes—soft, fluffy pancakes served hot with maple syrup are the ultimate comfort breakfast. Luckily, we have National Pancake Day. On March 3, IHOP will celebrate Pancake Day with free short stacks of pancakes and ask guests in return to donate to charity.

Of course, there’s no need to limit yourself to traditional buttermilk pancakes. There are a variety of sweet and savory alternatives out there. Why not pay tribute to Pancake Day with these 10 delicious pancakes from around the world?

1. American Buttermilk Pancakes

pancake day

Photo by Alex Furuya

These fluffy creatures are stacked high and often filled with toppings like blueberries or chocolate chips. No matter the variety, they are tender, soft, and smothered with a more-than-generous pool of maple syrup.

2. French Crêpes

pancake day

Photo by Emma Delaney

These classy pancakes are made with a simple batter of flour, sugar, egg and milk. They’re thin with satisfyingly crispy edges, and can be filled with anything from nutella to savory cheeses and vegetables.

3. Netherlands Dutch Baby

pancake day

Photo by Nur Eken

This magical baked pancake puffs up in the often like a soufflé. The pancake, with its velvety, custard inside and perfectly crisp edges, is delicious with a simple  of fruit and sugar.

4. Japanese Okonomiyaki

pancake day

Photo courtesy of Niall Kennedy

These savory pancakes have a basic base of flour, egg and cabbage. The name comes from the Japanese word okomi, literally meaning “what you want.” Accordingly, you can customize with endless add-ons, including spring onions, bacon or shrimp. Get a basic recipe here.

5. Chinese Cong You Bing

pancake day

Photo courtesy of stu_spivack

These are some of the most decadent savory treats out there. They’re made from dough and stuffed with copious amounts of scallions and sesame oil. The result is fragrant, chewy and amazingly flaky.

6. Mexican Hotcakes

pancake day

Photo courtesty of Allan Reyes

Hotcakes are soft and fluffy, similar to American pancakes. They’re often made with cornmeal and spiced with cinnamon, leading to an extra fragrant snack. Instead of maple syrup, hotcakes can be topped with anything from condensed milk to fruit jam.

7. Malaysian Apam Balik

pancake day

Photo by Yun Huang Yong

These are intensely flavorful and nutty desserts. The pancake is made from rice flour, and is often crisp and paper thin. They are traditionally filled with sweet peanut sauce.

8. Eastern European Blintz

pancake day

Photo courtesy of amygwen

Like French crêpes, these pancakes are soft and thin. However, they’re filled full with a decadent filling of cream cheese that’s brightened up with zesty lemons.

9. Indian Rava Dosa

pancake day

Photo Courtesy of Balu

This thin savory pancake is made from seminola, rice flour and wheat flour. It’s also spiced up with ingredients like onions, curry leaves, and herbs.

10. Korean Kimchijeon

pancake day

Photo courtesty of quirkyrocket ❤

This tender pancake is stuffed full with scallions and kimchi, making for a satisfying and mouth-watering snack.

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