The first thought that comes to mind when I think of a mall is the possibility of getting a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon. They are one of my favourite treats yet I rarely have one because they aren't something you can just pick up at the store (unless you're going to settle for something subpar). So naturally I had to find a more accessible way to get that cinnamon roll flavour into my days more often and now so can you. 

1. Cinnamon Bun Oreos 

Two classic treats all wrapped up into one, and I'm sure in love. The middle cream that serves as the frosting made me reminiscence about dunkaroos and the throwback was everything my taste buds wanted.

2. Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream

So far this ice cream is something I can only dream of. I have yet to find it when I sneak into the ice cream aisle and stand in awe at the $7 pints my heart needs. Ben & Jerry's say their "cool salute to cinnamon buns is cinnamon-streusled and dough-loaded, there's no telling where the cinnamon buns end or the ice cream begins", and with that, I'm salivating. 

3. Fiber One

Fiber One Cinnamon Bar is only 90 calories, has 20% of your daily fiber needs and only 3g of fat. These made snack time in the library my motivation during exam time, for that minute I just enjoyed the soft cinnamon "cake" pretending that I didn't have to bury my head in a book the next minute. 

4. Gold Fish Honey Bun Grahams

The snack that smiles back will have you smiling too at the sweet twist on the original cheddar flavour. These also reminded me of dunkaroo Grahams and have perfect hints of cinnamon to carry you over until your next cinnamon bun.

5. Cinnamon Raisin Bread 

This is such a simple yet versatile way to bring that cinnamon bun taste to your snacks and breakfasts. You can spread on some chocolate sauce, peanut butter, cream cheese, fruits or even just butter and you'll wonder why every piece of toast isn't like this. It'll also give you bonus points in recipes such as French toast or a fancy grilled cheese.

6. Cinnabon Popcorn

I got way too excited when I saw this existed because the amount of popcorn I consumed during my first year might have set a record (thanks to my Mom and Costco for the unlimited supply). If you're a true cinnamon roll fan, the next time you are in the States make it a priority to stop in a grocery store and hunt these down – I sure will be! 

7. Cinnabon Creamer

This Cinnabon creamer is available to Canadians giving your coffee the chance to experience the amazing powers of cinnamon rolls too. It actually carries the taste of a Cinnabon with a taste of cream cheese frosting, a perfect switch from sugar for those days you just need to treat yo' self. Who needs Starbucks when you can pour this into your coffee right at home?

Now you are equipped to fill your life with cinnamon roll flavours! Sorry, not sorry if I've tempted you to convert your diet to cinnamon roll everything... I'm considering it too.