Let me be the first to say I strongly dislike Mondays. I'm a girl that loves my sleep, and will take a day off whenever I can get one. After many years of dreading the day, I recently realized that there is no point in disliking Mondays. Instead, we should see it as a day for fresh starts and new opportunities. But that's easier said than done, right? To make things a little easier for you, I created a list of mood boosting foods that'll make Mondays seem a little less awful. 

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Amelia Hitchens

Your Favorite Local Coffee Shop

Amelia Hitchens

There's nothing better than getting up and going on a Monday morning with a fresh cup of coffee from your local coffee shop. As a Central Ohio based gal, my favorites are Fox In The Snow Cafe, River Road Coffee House and Rolls By The Pound. Once you find your favorite local coffee spot, use that space on Mondays to clear your mind, get some work done, meet someone new, or simply enjoy great coffee.  

Fruits And Veggies

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Amelia Hitchens

Kind of a boring one, but fruits and veggies are great to eat on Mondays because they're just good for you! The vitamins in fruits and veggies are said to boost your mood, which is something a lot of us definitely need on Mondays. I suggest oranges or orange juice, blueberries, avocado, broccoli and bananas. Luckily, Spoon has TONS of recipes to make these fruits and veggies a little more exciting. 

Your Mom's Homemade Soup Or Chili 

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Kendra Valkema

Nothing makes you feel good inside like a big bowl of homemade soup or chili. I know when the Monday blues have me down, this is my go-to dish. Its the perfect comfort food when you need to relax and just take on Monday the way it is. Whether you're heating up Ramen Noodles in the microwave, or watching football with a big bowl of chili, you just can't go wrong. If you're not close to home, there are other alternatives and things to do when you're homesick for mom's cooking!

Donuts Or Basically Anything Sweet

donut, dessert, chocolate, cake, candy, sweet, cream
Amelia Hitchens

We all have a little bit of a sweet tooth, so be sure to satisfy those cravings on Mondays! It could be just the little booster you need to conquer the day with a smile on your face. Chocolate, or "The Love Drug," is great to consume on Mondays because it contains phenethylamine which releases endorphins! Satisfy my sweet tooth cravings AND get a mood boost? I'm down for that.

Green Tea

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Jocelyn Hsu

You should definitely add this to your list of Monday necessities, especially if you aren't a coffee drinker. While coffee definitely boosts my mood and gets me going, some of you might prefer green tea, which is just as good. One particular type of green tea is matcha, which is said to support brain health, and improve your mood and mental focus! Sounds like the Monday remedy we want and deserve.

Alllll Of The Comfort Foods

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Audrey Mirabito

What do we want to eat when we are feeling sad or sluggish? Comfort foods! While they may not contain the vitamins and minerals that boost your mood like some of the other foods I listed, they might still boost your mood because you associate them with cozy, warm thoughts. Some of my personal favorite comfort foods to eat on Mondays are pumpkin pie, biscuits & gravy, chicken noodle soup, mac & cheese, ice cream, pizza or grilled cheese

I don't know about you, but just looking through these photos is making my Monday a heck of a lot better. Monday doesn't have to be awful. The first step to fixing those Monday blues is deciding to look at the positives and getting creative with how you want to spend your day. And of course, some delicious food will certainly help.