"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM." I first heard that phrase from my aunt when she would take my sisters and I out for ice cream dates as kids. Even now, the thought of this delicious treat still has me screaming inside. Unfortunately, eating ice cream for every meal just isn't an option, but scrolling through endless photos of ice cream on Instagram is. After searching the gram, I have narrowed it down to 12 ice cream Instagram accounts that'll certainly have you screaming, too. 

1. @chelocreamery

WOW. Just take a look at this treat. Located in Rowland Heights, CA, Chelo Creamery is making life sweeter one ice cream roll at a time. I'm head over heels for this company because of their unique ice cream rolls and aesthetically pleasing gram. They'll have your mouth watering at first like

2. @tasty_icecreams

This ice cream Instagram account states in their bio, "tasty ice cream solves everything," and I couldn't agree more. Tasty_icecreams provides its 14K followers with daily posts of the chillest treats Instagram has to offer.

3. @eisweltgelato

For daily posts of dessert that's so cute you'll want to cuddle it, follow Eiswelt Gelato. Located in Westminster, CA, this company is taking cuteness to a whole new level. They specialize in decorating delicious gelato with precious animal faces. Double YUM. 

4. @hungoverandhungry_

I'm SHOOK. This account does us all a favor by pulling together the best ice cream pics and posting them on one account. You can find photos of tasty treats from Square Bar Cafe, Afters Ice Cream, Milk & Cookies Bakery NYC, and many more. 

5. @sweet_icecream_like

With only 66 posts, this account is truly making a good first impression in the Insta world. They already have 17.3K followers and consistently share drool-worthy posts. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be sending some likes their way. 

6. @halotopcreamery

Now, for the account you have all been waiting for — Halo Top Creamery. Halo Top has been receiving a lot of publicity lately due to their to-die-for flavors and iconic "halo top" look. It's no wonder that the company has 479K followers and a killer aesthetic. Delicious to eat, and easy on the eyes; it doesn't get much better than this. 

7. @icecream

Ice Cream, powered by @infatuation, posts the sweetest of sweets. Better yet, they provide links to tasty shops and restaurants you should check out in areas like LA, NYC, etc. @infatuation is the real MVP because they also run accounts like @pasta, @burger and @coffee. Want to spend hours on Instagram just by looking at food? These accounts are your solution. 

8. @icecreamgrom

This account is great for all you ice cream lovers because there is always something new and exciting going on. Also known as Ice Cream Lovers, the account will repost your best ice cream photos, and they even give away free t-shirts. Make sure you use the tag #icecreamgrom_feature

9. @benandjerrys

Of course, another classic that you are probably already following, but if you're not, do it now. Ben and Jerry's is always a go to, no matter what mood you are in, because of their endless list of flavors. Follow their Instagram to stay up-to-date with their latest flavors, deals, and offers. 

10. @icecream_gram

Just because you can never have too much ice cream, this is another account that compiles all of our favorite treats. They feature posts like this incredible flamingo ice cream from @nectarandstone, and many more. 

11. @icecream.sweets

Just looking at this photo gives me a sugar rushhh. This ice cream Instagram is full of clever ways to decorate and eat ice cream when the classic cone just isn't doing it for ya. Style points are definitely earning an 11/10 with this account.

12. @chocolates_icecream

Is that a waffle on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream? I can almost smell the maple syrup. This account features tasty treats from all over the world — even a chocolate cone under the Eiffel Tower. I guess you could say this account is très bien ("very good," a.k.a one of the only French phrases I remember). 

I'm feeling #blessed for Instagram and all that it offers for foodies like me. I also wish that in the future, Mark Zuckerberg works on a feature where tapping a food photo instantly makes the food appear IRL — now that would be Insta-gram. I guess I'll have to settle for scrolling, double tapping, and dreaming until then.