Whether you are coming up from the Southern states or venturing down from the North, Asheville is the perfect place to stop to get your last, or your first southern meal. And what is more southern than a fluffy, homemade biscuit? Check out these eight biscuit places that put a twist on such a classic southern staple.

1. Sunny Point Cafe


Photo courtesy of Oscar H. from yelp.com

Say “Bon Jour” to this biscuit, because it takes flakey to a whole new level. The croissant-like biscuit always has a sprinkle of sugar on top, a great kickstart to any morning.

#SpoonTip: If you want an escape, try the oatmeal brûlée with the biscuit for a French breakfast.

2. Blue Ridge Biscuit Company


Photo by Emily Bulla

Trying to get a hearty breakfast before a long day of hiking or climbing? You should stop by Blue Ridge Biscuit Company for not only a biscuit, but an idea of where to hike, since all the biscuits are named after trails. The friendly servers will be more than happy to give you directions to their favorite spot.

3. King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle


Photo courtesy of Robyn W. from yelp.com

Any vegetarians out there? You probably never thought about going to a chicken and waffles joint to get a biscuit smothered in gravy, let alone eat gravy. But here at King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle they serve meatless, herb cream gravy and biscuits. So take a moment to thank the hippies of the North Carolina mountains for making this southern classic possible.

4. Tupelo Honey Cafe


Photo courtesy of @nycitybilly on Instagram

Fried chicken and biscuits is probably the highest comfort level of food you can reach. Besides Tupelo Honey serving this dream food all day, they also embody the essence of the Blue Ridge. If you want to feel like a local or need a good pick-me-up, go to Tupelo Honey for the food and the family.

5. Over Easy Cafe


Photo courtesy of overeasyasheville.com

You are not only going here for the made-from-scratch biscuits, but the perfect amount of energy to start your day. You can get some coffee from the local Mountain Air Roasting Company. Or, you could try one of the many in-restaurant juices or smoothies, made high in vitamins.

6. Biscuit Head


Photo by Emily Bulla

This place will make any indecisive person go into a tail spin. Holding 15 jams and jellies, 8 gravies, 5 hot sauces, 5 butters, and 4 honeys that are all homemade, it’s hard to decide what to try. Good thing you can try it all with a gravy flight or a visit to Jam and Butter Bar.

If you want a more savory biscuit, they have 10 biscuits to choose from that include all local ingredients and numerous side choices. And once you’re done and in need of dessert, just order the biscuit donuts to complete your meal.

7. Early Girl Eatery


Photo courtesy of Julie Stehling from earlygirleatery.com

The staple hangover cure has always been breakfast and a Bloody Mary, but Early Girl Eatery has something better, biscuits and beer. Come and try a farm-to-table biscuit and a local brew from the North Carolina mountains.

8. Homegrown


Photo courtesy of Camp H. from yelp.com

There are no worries about your food being injected with hormones and genetically modified here. Homegrown’s eco-friendly footprint and endorsement of local farms will having you eating good southern food and feeling like you are on a cleanse at the same time.