If you are anything like me, you love everything pizza and everything Instagram. It's true, 'za and Insta are two driving forces of millennials today, but I am not complaining. After spending way too much of my spare time looking at pizza accounts, I have narrowed it down to the 11 best pizza Instagram accounts to follow if you can't resist a slice. 

1. @pizza

Given the simple handle, @pizza, and that it's run by Elliot Tebele (@FuckJerry) and The Infatuation, it's no surprise that this account is a leader in the social media world of food lovers. Followers are treated to one post per day, featuring everything from mouthwatering slices to pizza memes. Enter your perfect pizza picture to be reposted by the account using #DailyPizza.

2. @pizzablonde

Pizza Blonde is "just a girl with an iPhone & a never ending appetite for pizza." Seems legit to me! But really, this account is relatable, and never fails to offer the best 'za grams that will have you crawling to the nearest pizzeria. Not to mention, Pizza Blonde's photos sometimes feature a Frenchie begging near the crust. Pizza and dogs — yes. 

3. @pizzatoday

Ever dreamed of opening your own pizzeria? This account is perfect for you. Pizza Today is a trade publication for pizzeria owners that will keep you up-to-date with anything from pizza news to the latest must-try recipes. 

4. @pizzafromabove

This account takes the lead for my personal favorite. Their handle, @pizzafromabove, simply defines the angle at which the photographer captures the images, but I get the feeling that these pizzas are truly heaven sent. Most are taken in NYC, but the handle occasionally ventures out of town. Tilt you camera down and use #PizzaFromAbove for a chance to be featured. 

5. @pizzeriamozza

If you ever find yourself in the LA area, Pizzeria Mozza is the place to be to satisfy any pizza craving. Brought to you by chefs like Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali & Joe Bastianich, the amazing eats and aesthetically pleasing Insta feed, prove these guys are on top of the 'za game. 

6. @speedyromeo

@speedyromeo quickly made its way into my heart as soon as I found out they make wood fired pizza in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Any time there is wood fired pizza, you can count me in. Why? Just take a look at this account and you will understand. 

7. @martamanhattan 

After reading up on this restaurant, I decided that a trip to Manhattan will be in my near future. Marta is known for it's cracker-thin curst pizza and has a flawless Insta game that highlights their best menu items, including my two favorites: pizza and wine. 

8. @pizzagoal.s

Pizza Goals describes themselves as simply pizza porn, but I would like to confirm that this account is also in fact #pizzagoals. They provide followers with delicious 'za posts along with the occasional (and extremely necessary) pizza meme. With 184K followers, it is safe to say that pizza lovers would be quite satisfied with this account.

9. @800degreespizza

If you have ever hit the point where you simply must eat pizza in that very moment, 800 Degrees Pizza is the pizza for you. With locations in LA, Las Vegas, Dubai, and Japan, they will make your pizza just the way you like it in only 90 seconds. An added bonus? Their Insta game is top notch. 

10. @pizzaeast 

Pizza East is an England based company with locations in Shoreditch, Kentish Town and Portobello. According to their Insta bio, they want their followers to know that they are more than just pizza. In fact, their Instagram features many of their dishes, like their salmon carpaccio or their blood orange panna cotta, that will have you planning a trip across the pond just to try their food. 

11. @spoonuniversity

Of course, this list would not be complete without the leading food resource of our generation. Follow Spoon University on Instagram for daily posts of the most mouthwatering food grams, including, of course, pizza.

Have you ever said the word "pizza" so many times that it no longer sounds like a real word? Yeah, you feel me? Anyways, check out these pizza Instagram accounts to hold you over until dinnertime and hit them with that follow button to show your appreciation for their amazing work.