Pizza is already one of the best foods ever created, but with a stuffed and flavored crust every slice becomes a thousand times better. There's nothing more enjoyable than noshing down on a slice of pizza only to have a thick, flavor-filled crust oozing with cheese waiting for you at the end. Name a better duo than stuffed and flavored crust. I'll wait. 

You may be curious, however, about where stuffed flavored crust was originated. Sure, we've all seen stuffed crust pizza and flavored crust separately, but together? Now that's a game changer. So what glorified genius came up with this idea? Well you may be surprised to find out that it was Hungry Howie's, one of the top pizza franchises that's been busting steamy, fresh pies out of its doors for 44 years. 

So let's learn a little history now, shall we? Hungry Howie's began in 1973 when Jim Hearn and Steve Jackson converted a hamburger shop in Michigan to a carry-out and delivery pizza joint. The name came from a nickname that Jackson gave Hearn. In 1983 they turned their business into a franchise, and opened 65 new Hungry Howie's within the next three years. They now have over 550 locations in 20 states. Now that's a lot of pizza.

Now about that crust...Many people just toss aside the crust after they're done with their pizza slice (which I think is a total waste of the best part of the pizza), so Hungry Howie's decided to change that. In 1984 they launched their infamous Flavored Crust, which is available in 8 flavors: sesame, butter, ranch, Cajun, garlic herb, onion, butter parmesan and Asiago. 

You can also opt to get flavored and stuffed pies, which to me is honestly the best thing that could've happened in the world of carryout pizza. For only $2 more you can get your crust stuffed with almost six ounces of luscious gooey, stringy 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese. With crust this good you can go ahead and skip the side of cheesy breadsticks, because essentially you've got them right at the end of your pizza slice. Dip your tasty, mouthwatering crusts into some ranch or pizza sauce for a notorious ending to a beautiful slice of pizza. 

If you're not feeling pizza (said no one ever), Hungry Howie's also offers subs, wings, salads, Howie bread (garlic bread sticks), and Howie rolls which comes with your choice of pepperoni, chicken or steak along with melted cheese, rolled together in pizza dough and baked. 

So the next time you're not sure where to get your pizza on pizza night, I highly recommend you try out Hungry Howie's stuffed flavored crust pizza. I guarantee it will change your life forever, in the cheesiest, flavor-filled way possible. 

I received Hungry Howie's coupons free of charge, however, all opinions are my own.