UDairy ice cream (noun): something that makes you smile, brings friends and family together and fills your body with a happiness only it can provide. It is notably the best date food, but even cures a broken heart.

Call me an addict, but there are way too many things I would do for ice cream. I may or may not con my friends into getting it with me when I get the itch. I honestly find it a staple in my diet, and because I believe it should be in everyone else’s too, I ranked (in my opinion, of course) all of the UDairy Creamery flavors that were in rotation, so you know exactly which ones to get when you also happen to get the itch. I brought a friend along to make sure I wasn’t being biased, considering I spend more money at UDairy than the average college student does on coffee.

Here was what we concluded from our samples – from great to truly incredible.

31. "Fig-Goat-a ‘Bout It!"

All I am going to say is you need a very particular pallet to enjoy this flavor. I want to "Fig-Goat-a ‘Bout It" for now.

30. Mango Basil

The basil flavor was a little overpowering over the mango ice cream. I felt as though there was a pesto swirl and could eat it over a bowl of linguini.

29. Butter Pecan

Definitely biased because I'm not a butter pecan gal, but if you are then give this flavor a whirl.

28. Bang Bang Cherry Pie

I really love pie, but the cherry was mostly lost within the sweet cream ice cream. I did enjoy the chunks of pie crusts that I came across – they blend whole cherry pies into this ice cream.

27. Strawberry

If you're craving strawberries this is definitely a good substitute. Ditch the grocery store and head to UDairy instead. 

26. Cookies and Cream

Once a classic, always a classic. The smooth cookie swirls in the ice cream makes this flavor a consistent favorite.

25. Mmm...Bacon

Once the ice cream melted in my mouth, I was left chewing the pieces of bacon. Definitely a flavor for bacon lovers or if you're feeling ice cream for breakfast. They do open at 9 AM...

24. Mint Chocolate Chip

Who needs to brush their teeth when you have this minty treat?! Just kidding always brush your teeth, but eat this first. 

23. Grandma's Gone Coco-nuts

A coconut lover's dream: coconut shavings in coconut ice cream with pecans, chocolate, and a graham cracker swirl. So creamy and refreshing we should be eating it straight out of a coconut. 

22. Jim's Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

I would like to meet Jim and thank him for this cheesecake wonder. The flavor's refreshing lemon taste and blueberries throughout is worthy of more than one scoop. 

21. Jackfruit

This flavor satisfies any sweet tooth, tasting like a combination of fruits. Now I'm on the hunt for a jackfruit.

20. Blissful Bing Cherry

If you love cherries, this is the flavor for you. The big cherry chunks really bring out the flavor of the ice cream and no one is complaining about the chunks of chocolate, that's for sure. 

19. Peanut Cocoa-Loco

If you have a sweet spot for peanut butter cups and chocolate, you'll go loco. 

18. Take 6!

A Take 5 was missing just one thing...the ice cream. UDairy definitely upped the game here, and if you like candy bars take a waffle cone full of this. 

17. Black Raspberry 

Satisfies your sweet tooth and it's purple – you can't ask for much more with those two great things.

16. Ton-A-Toffee

Imagine melting a bunch of Werther's Original candies and swirling it into vanilla ice cream. Boom, Ton-A-Toffee was born.

15. Coffee

Ditch the Starbuck’s cold brew – take a few scoops of this instead.

14. Peach Green Tea

If you were to turn Panera's green tea into ice cream, this is what it would taste like.

13. 1st State Cobbler

No need to find your local state fair because the best cobbler in town is right here.

12. Nanner Nutter

For that real banana taste...definitely investing in one of those Yonanas ice cream makers for a DIY option.

11. Pistachio

This is the first time I have ever had pistachio ice cream and I wish I had more than just a little sample. Not to mention, totally insta-worthy with it's perfect light green color.

10. Delaware River Mud Pie

If you have a craving for something with a lot of chocolate, this is the flavor to get. Disclaimer: not actually mud.

9. 1923

If you're looking for ice cream to kill that caramel craving without going overboard, this one is the perfect combination of caramel swirls and chocolate chunks. Also, it's the year one piece bathing suits became a thing, which is pretty important for this ice cream lifestyle. 

8. Mint N' Cookies

Instead of ordering Thin Mints, grab a few pints of this instead –a real treat let me tell ya. 

7. 8th and Market

I can't express how much this flavor makes me want to smoosh it between two snickerdoodle cookies to make a nice s'more cookie sandwich. Would recommend pairing with a scoop of Delaware River Gold Rush.

6. Raspberry Cheesecake

Who wants to spend the money on a slice of cheesecake when a scoop of this is all you really need?

5. Twice Twisted

A better version of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. That's when you know.

4. Holy Fluffernutter

Nothing to say besides truly #blessed to have this flavor available so the whole world can experience it's greatness. 

3. All Nighter

Can’t decide between chocolate or coffee for a late night snack? Luckily, your hopes and dreams have been answered. 

2. Delaware River Gold Rush

The end of the rainbow is UDairy, and this is most definitely their pot of gold

1. Blue Hen Tracks

This flavor is just amazing because it has (arguably) two of the best additions to ice cream: sprinkles and mini peanut butter cups. *Mic drop*

Honorable mentions would have to be chocolate and vanilla. If you are just looking for a classic chocolate or vanilla cone, look no further because UDairy wouldn't go without being the best in the game with the two OG ice cream flavors. Also, let's just say no one will be going to Rita's anymore after you try the non-dairy raspberry lemonade sorbet. 

To be clear, this ranking is very interchangeable. My favorite flavor today will be different tomorrow because I can never decide (I'm that girl in line, sorry 'bout it). Every kind of ice cream they serve is unique and wonderful in it's own way and I would definitely recommend going to treat yo self.

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Hannah Linn

Joe Biden if you're reading this, please get ice cream with me the next time you're at UD.