This past summer, the raindrop cake, a seeming blob of water served in a wood basket, became an Instagram phenomenon awing foodies all over the world. Now in fall 2016, ice cream ramen is the dessert that is taking over your feed. 

While ice cream ramen combines many people's favorite foods, it's a quite ambiguous dessert. And, as intriguing as it sounds, ice cream ramen is neither ice cream nor ramen. So, what is it besides being totally insane sounding and aesthetically gorgeous?

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Served by The Dessert Kitchen in NYC, Ice Cream Ramen is actually just crushed up ice with evaporated milk, hence the ice cream derivation of the name, and kanten, which is a traditional, Japanese noodle made from algae, thus explaining the confusing ramen part of the dessert's name. The jelly aspect of the noodles is what makes the new Ice Cream Ramen dessert comparable to the recent raindrop cake fad.

As shown, the bright blue noodles are served over crushed ice, evaporated milk, mochi, cantaloupe balls, mango, and comes with a side of white peach syrup. The already extremely inventive dessert is even more creative by coming in different noodle colors and different sauce options such as green tea, honey, and brown sugar

Although foodies have been mixed about their reviews on the dish, it seems like it's worth checking out, if not for the taste, at least for the visual appearance—and, to get a cool Instagram out of it as well!